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Dairy & Eggs

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Quail Egg-Gurmazovo Farm

Cherga Shop offers quail eggs, production of Gurmazovo Farm. The farm is located in Village Gurmaz..

1.74 $ Ex Tax: 1.74 $

 Eggs from free hens-Gurmazovo Farm -22%

Eggs from free hens-Gurmazovo Farm

Cherga Shop offers homemade eggs, laid by free hens. Gurmazovo Farm cultivates white and red hens ..

2.62 $ 2.04 $ Ex Tax: 2.04 $

Buffalo Yogurt 550 G. -Borino

Buffalo yogurt made in TIM Borino. The farm of Mr. Jamal Asanov is located in the village of Borin..

2.45 $ Ex Tax: 2.45 $

Yellow cheese from cow's milk-Borino

Wonderful farm cow cheese, combining traditions passed by generations. Stock: Cow's milk, yeast, s..

1.05 $ Ex Tax: 1.05 $

Rodobsko Oil-Borino

Cherga Shop offers Rhodope oil, production of farm TIM Borino. The farm of Mr. Jamal Asanov is loc..

1.46 $ Ex Tax: 1.46 $

Cow Butter 500 gr. -Borino

Butter is a dairy product made from fresh or fermented whipped cream or directly from milk. The mo..

7.75 $ Ex Tax: 7.75 $

Yellow cheese with a kimyon-Borino

Natural yellow cheese from cow's milk with a kimyon. Produced in the village of Borino for Eco Farm..

1.27 $ Ex Tax: 1.27 $

Organic coconut milk 400 ml. -Zemela

Coconut milk comes from organic farms from Sri Lanka. It is a very popular ingredient used in South..

2.51 $ Ex Tax: 2.51 $

Cow's yogurt - 550 g

Cow's yogurt, starter. Made in Bulgaria by order of Eco Farm Cherga.   Nutritional value per 10..

1.40 $ Ex Tax: 1.40 $