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Community Rules

community rules 

Last Updated: 3 January 2019

All sellers are expected to follow the Chopni.com Community Rules when using the website. Seller offensive and violent content are prohibited, and can result in suspension of your account.

Respect the community when buying or selling.
Maintain up to date account information.
Maintain up to date stock information.
If we have removed your selling privileges, you may not open a new selling account.

Do not misrepresent yourself.


Proper category listing: Items must be listed in the appropriate category.

Product titles: Product titles must be clear and help clients understand the product and its uses. Include its key characteristics. This way the client will be able to find your product easier while browsing. More detailed information and examples on how to structure the headings and descriptions of your products you can find here

Product Images: All product images must be of high standard and quality and should represent properly the product. You can find tips what images can be used here.

Product descriptions: All product descriptions must be appropriate and provide full understanding to buyers. Try to be as specific as possible and apply all necessary product options and specifications. More information on this topic can be found here.

A complete guide on How to Optimize Your Product Listing.

Price Policy: Speculation with final prices and unjustified overcharging are not tolerated. Chopni.com reserves the right to deny activation of products in violation of the Terms and Conditions and the Community Rules of the site.

Profanity and offensive speech: Profanity or offensive speech is prohibited on Chopni.com This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature. This policy extends to text within item listings, transactions (questions/offers), personal profiles or anywhere else on the Chopni.com website. Listings that contain profanity or otherwise offensive speech will be removed and accouns suspended.

Personal information: Posting personal information is not allowed on Chopni.com website. Personal information includes email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, instant messaging ids, or other identifying information.

Links to other distribution channels, marketplace or auction sites: Chopni.com does not allow links to external websites under any circumstances.

Prohibited items: Unless otherwise noted, the following items are prohibited from being offered, sold or otherwise posted on the Chopni.com website


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Animals and wildlife products  
  • Contracts and tickets: Any non-transferable contracts or tickets, including airline tickets, coupons, or gift cards.4Counterfeit currency, invoices and stamps
  • Credit cards
  • Drugs: Narcotics, steroids, and other controlled substances.
  • Firearms
  • Food: Other than packaged food.
  • Government issued IDs and licenses: Including citizenship documents, birth certificates, driver’s licenses or state-issued identification cards.
  • Hazardous materials: Any explosive, radioactive material, infectious substance, flammable or combustible liquid, solid, or gas, toxic, oxidizing, or corrosive material, and compressed gas.
  • Human parts and remains: Blood, bodily fluids or body parts.
  • Lock-picking devices
  • Lottery tickets: Lottery tickets, raffle tickets, sweepstakes entries, slot machines, or other gambling items.
  • Mailing lists and personal information: Bulk mailing or email lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal identifying information.
  • Prescription drugs  
  • Damaged or expired items
  • Stolen property
  • Counter fitted products
  • Pornography: Child and any related pornographic materials.
  • Tobacco: Any item containing tobacco and intended for consumption, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and nicotine.