Cleaning Detergents

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Sponge Gloves Dishwashing Kitchen Cleaning Household Clean Rubber Latex Hand Pop

Description: 100% brand new and high quality One hand scouring pad: The left hand is a regula..

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Microfiber cloth for polishing Pannocucina ultra

ULTRAMICROFIBRE Ultra microfibre useful in the kitchen as drain board and as a wiper for glasses an..

6.81 $ Ex Tax: 6.81 $

Microfiber cloth for cleaning Zeus

New generation PU microfibre – Glides fast and removes energically any adhesive dirt (fats, limeston..

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Microfiber cloth for bathroom cleaning Sanital

SANITAL removes the limestone, sanitizes and cleans your sanitary ware, tiles , chrome , taps and sh..

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Microfiber cloth for cleaning Microtex Bulk

MULTIPURPOSE MICROFIBRE Dry as a dust remover, dump to deep clean ..

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Eco Mopping Cleaning System

Cleaning system - a new generation product! Elegant rectangular bucket! Rotating drainage unit..

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Microfiber cloth for cleaning Microtex Ultra

Ultramicrofibre, longlasting, easier and faster cleaning. ..

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Microfiber cloth sponge for cleaning Cucina

CUCINA is the first in Poliattive® sponge cloth fibers . Thanks to its technology , CUCINA lasts mo..

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Sponge for cleaning Gomma magica

It eliminates streaks and stains from shiny surfaces and walls. ..

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Microfiber cloth for shower cabin cleaning Doccia

DOCCIA removes limescale and soap residue . Perfectly it cleans the windows and all the reflective ..

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Microfiber cloth for body car washing and drying Velvex HIQ

POLIATTIVA® FIBER Body car washing and drying. Removes gnats and stains without scratches ..

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Air fresheners ARЕON 85ml.

Long lasting and pleasant scent. Suitable for any home and office. Attractive appearance. Long-lasti..

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Cotton Cloth for cleaning Compost 100

COTTON CLOTH  100 % COMPOSTABLE Excellent absorbency, can be throw as a wet biodegradable waste. U..

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Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Microblu Vetri


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Air fresheners ARЕON Nature

Areon Bio bags are filled with dried lavender, mint, pine tops , which further are scented with esse..

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