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Cleaning Detergents

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Sponge for cleaning Gomma magica

It eliminates streaks and stains from shiny surfaces and walls. ..

1.12 $ Ex Tax: 1.12 $

Bio Power Limescale Remover Heitmann 2 x 25 g

Twice as good in a dual pack HEITMANN Bio Power Limescale Remover uses the power of pure citric acid..

1.00 $ Ex Tax: 1.00 $

Microfiber cloth for body car washing and drying Velvex HIQ

POLIATTIVA® FIBER Body car washing and drying. Removes gnats and stains without scratches ..

6.18 $ Ex Tax: 6.18 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Ivy Green

This dark green complements natural tones as well as more striking colours. Make your clothing and f..

3.73 $ Ex Tax: 3.73 $

Microfiber cloth for polishing Stovi

STOVÌ is the first towel that dries instantly , without leaving streaks. Suitable for any kind of..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Machine Limescale Remover Heitmann 3 in 1

It does three things at once HEITMANN Machine Limescale Remover 3 in 1 descales, cleans, and ensures..

2.68 $ Ex Tax: 2.68 $

Back to Black fabric dye Simplicol 400 g

Do your favourite black jeans fade with every wash? Now you can restore your clothes to an intense b..

6.87 $ Ex Tax: 6.87 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol intensive Espresso Brown

Bring fresh colour to your ideas! simplicol Fabric Dye intensive lets you dye fabrics easily and saf..

8.00 $ Ex Tax: 8.00 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Apple Green

This colour brightens up every day with a fresh, fruity look. Discover your creative side and give y..

3.73 $ Ex Tax: 3.73 $

Microfiber cloth for cleaning wood paneling Legno

LEGNO is a  special microfiber cloth for cleaning and take care of all the wooden surfaces . It d..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Vetri

Utramicrofiber specific for glasses, mirrors and chrome that can remove dirt and grease even with on..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Poppy Red

This captivating colour glitters like a field of poppies. Let your imagination run riot and design c..

3.73 $ Ex Tax: 3.73 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Nut Brown

This warm nut brown creates enchantingly natural accents. Let your imagination soar: make your cloth..

3.73 $ Ex Tax: 3.73 $

Microfiber cloth for bathroom cleaning Sanital

SANITAL removes the limestone, sanitizes and cleans your sanitary ware, tiles , chrome , taps and sh..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Laundry White powder Heitmann for one application

For a brilliant white and fresh hygiene The multi-action formula of HEITMANN Laundry White makes you..

1.11 $ Ex Tax: 1.11 $

Microfiber cloth for shower cabin cleaning Doccia

DOCCIA removes limescale and soap residue . Perfectly it cleans the windows and all the reflective ..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Stain Remover Brush Heitmann 250 ml

Gently remove dirt and all kinds of stains (e.g. grease, oil, blood, egg white, make-up) right down ..

2.80 $ Ex Tax: 2.80 $

Ultramicrofiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces Microblu Vetri


6.74 $ Ex Tax: 6.74 $

Glass Ceramic & Stainless Steel Cleaner Heitmann 250 ml

Cleans intensively, cares gently, and ensures a brilliant shine It’s this easy to remove dirt, tarni..

2.86 $ Ex Tax: 2.86 $

Sponge for car cleaning Spugna Kitty

CAR BODY  SPONGE Giant sponge for washing cars outside . ..

1.12 $ Ex Tax: 1.12 $

Eco Mopping Cleaning System

Cleaning system - a new generation product! Elegant rectangular bucket! Rotating drainage unit..

49.28 $ Ex Tax: 49.28 $

Air fresheners ARЕON Nature

Areon Bio bags are filled with dried lavender, mint, pine tops , which further are scented with esse..

1.12 $ Ex Tax: 1.12 $

Bio Power Limescale Remover Heitmann 250 ml

I use natural acids against limescale HEITMANN Bio Power Limescale Remover uses the power of natural..

2.17 $ Ex Tax: 2.17 $

Microfiber cloth for cleaning Multi Runner

MULTI RUNNER is the first multi-purpose Fiber Poliattiva® that will amaze you thanks to  its great p..

5.62 $ Ex Tax: 5.62 $

Stove Glass Cleaner Heitmann 500 ml

For stove and oven glass. Shake well. Hold can as vertically as possible. Spray glass evenly from a ..

4.40 $ Ex Tax: 4.40 $