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Cinnamon insoles help relieve aching feet

Cinnamon insoles reduce foot perspiration and banish unpleasant odours

Cinnamon insoles have a positive effect on the foot climate (a cooling effect in summer, a warming effect in winter) by supporting the circulation

Cinnamon insoles help to relieve swollen feet

Cinnamon insoles have anti-bacterial properties

Calluses, cracks and fissures are replaced by healthy skin

Cinnamon insoles are also effective for those suffering from rheumatism

Cinnamon insoles strengthen the immune system


Стелки с канела


затоплят стъпалата през зимата, а лятото поддържат краката с телесна температура. 

Ароматизират стъпалата и обувките. Убиват гъбичите по ходилата. 

Изключително подходящи за ски обувки, зимни обувки и работни обувки. 

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