Buyer Protection

Buyer protection


One of our main goals is to create a safe, pleasant and meaningful experience for our clients while shopping on

For this reason we take very seriously all aspects of our activities, and we make sure the following is in place for you:

Verified Suppliers - Before getting approved for participation on, all suppliers go through a detailed registration process, and provide all necessary legal information about their brand and trading company. This information is analyzed and verified by our legal team, and the trading reputation of the manufacturer is confirmed. A detailed contract, including all necessary obligations towards the end clients is signed between the manufacturer and Only then the manufacturer is eligible to start trading on the platform.


With your safety and pleasant experience on, on mind, while interacting with sellers, we have developed a badge system which grants you an easy and safe online shopping. Currently, sellers who have accomplished certain criteria may obtain one or all of the following badges:


 REGISTERED - This seller has undergone initial registration


 VERIFIED - The requirements for obtaining the badge REGISERED have been met. The legal status and trade reputation of this seller have been verified by the legal team through verifying and checking the personal identity information of this seller.


 TRUSTED SELLER - The requirements for obtaining the badges REGISERED and VERIFIED have been met. This seller is 100% proven and guaranties high level of satisfaction among their clients.


Always be vigilant when shopping online and check the information sources and sellers, which you are interacting with.

Money Guarantee - To make sure you don't run into any unwanted experiences, will keep your money safe until you receive your order, and will only then release it to the manufacturer. If for some reason your order is not with you within 14 days, will return your money immediately.

Returns - You can return any item within 14 days of receival, and no questions will be asked. However, the items must be intact, without any damages and packaging must be in good commercial shape

Security - We believe that security and trust is a very important aspect of any venture, this is why we keep up with all trends and use the best security features available.