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Bread and Flour

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100 wholegrain rice flour 0.5 kg.

NATURAL WHOLEGRAIN Rice FLOUR 0.5 kg Ground on Stone Mill, Thanks to which all vitamins, enzymes, ..

1.28 $ Ex Tax: 1.28 $

Bran from Einkorn 250 g.

Fine Bran from the einkorn ground of the stone Mill, 100% natural. The Tris are obtained after grin..

0.82 $ Ex Tax: 0.82 $

100 wholegrain triticale flour 1kg.

Cherga Shop presents 100% wholegrain triticale flour produced by Ecosem. Triticum is a esetestvena..

1.69 $ Ex Tax: 1.69 $

Gluten-free blend for pizza preparation Balviten 500 g

Gluten-free mixture for making pizza. Stock: Cornstarch   Rice starch, Rice flour,  Corn..

3.82 $ Ex Tax: 3.82 $

Spelt natural Penne 250 g. -Stone Mill

250g SPELT Penne from 100% of spelt flour milled to a stone mill by Ecosem. Suitable for both sal..

1.63 $ Ex Tax: 1.63 $

Gluten-free VEGAN bread wholemeal Balviten 250 g

Gluten-free bread. Ingredients: Water, 31.8% grains: (sunflower, brown flax seed, pumpkin, yellow ..

3.32 $ Ex Tax: 3.32 $

White flour of einkorn-1kg.

Cherga Shop presents natural white flour from the einkorn produced by Ecosem. To get white flour w..

4.02 $ Ex Tax: 4.02 $

Natural flour from Horsan 1kg.

Natural flour from Horsan 1kg. The ancient durum wheat variety of Horisan (kamut) was cultivated h..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Natural wholemeal spelt flour 1kg.

Natural wholemeal spelt flour 1kg. Spelt is a special variety of wheat, which has been known since..

2.27 $ Ex Tax: 2.27 $

Organic White wheat Flour 650 gr. -Stone Mill

Why bio white wheat flour from ecsem? To get a white flour with a fluffy structure, we use organic..

2.33 $ Ex Tax: 2.33 $

Gluten-free bread with flour from quinoa 350 g

Gluten free bread, prepared with the richest in amino acids and protein flour, this from quinoa. Sp..

3.50 $ Ex Tax: 3.50 $

100 Natural Wheat Bran-fine 0.5 kg.

Fine wheat bran ground on a stone mill, 100% natural. The Tris are obtained after grinding and si..

0.82 $ Ex Tax: 0.82 $

Natural white wheat flour 1kg.

Cherga Shop presents natural white wheat flour produced by Ecsem. To obtain a white flour with a f..

2.15 $ Ex Tax: 2.15 $

Natural wholegrain barley flour 1kg.

Cherga Shop Presents: 100% natural wholegrain barley flour We produce high quality filling grain ..

1.69 $ Ex Tax: 1.69 $

Natural wholemeal rye flour 1kg.

Cherga Shop presents natural wholegrain rye flour produced by Ecosem. We produce high quality full..

1.69 $ Ex Tax: 1.69 $

Organic wholegrain rye flour 650 gr.

Why organic wholemeal rye flour from ecosem? When grinding the grain of our stone mill, it comes ..

1.74 $ Ex Tax: 1.74 $

Extra Krakovsko gluten-free flour-500 gr.

Stock: Gluten-Free Wheat Starch Cornstarch Maize flour,   Dextrose Thickener: Guar Gum  And  ..

2.86 $ Ex Tax: 2.86 $

The favorite gluten-free bread Balviten 320 g

Delicious daily gluten-free bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner, packaged in a protected atmosphe..

3.20 $ Ex Tax: 3.20 $

White spelt flour 1kg.

All products from the Cherga Shop can be found at the 'Cherga' supermarket on the Roman wall market..

2.45 $ Ex Tax: 2.45 $

100 wholegrain flour from chickpeas-0.5 kg.

NATURAL WHOLEGRAIN FLOUR FROM chickpeas 0.5 kg Ground on Stone Mill, Thanks to which all vitamins,..

1.91 $ Ex Tax: 1.91 $

Natural wholegrain millet Flour 0.5 kg

NATURAL WHOLEMEAL MILLET FLOUR 0.5 kg Ground on Stone Mill, Thanks to which all vitamins, enzymes,..

1.28 $ Ex Tax: 1.28 $

Natural type wheat flour 1 kg.

Use: Suitable for preparation of all kinds of dietary casseroles, breads, pastries and other pasta..

1.97 $ Ex Tax: 1.97 $

Gluten-free mixture for cakes and kexes Balviten 500 gr.

Gluten-free flour for cakes and gluten-free cakes.   Stock:  Gluten-Free  Wheat ..

2.62 $ Ex Tax: 2.62 $

Gluten-free Royal white bread 250 g

White Royal bread Royal 'Balviten' 250 g Gluten Free Lactose free No eggs. Ingredients: Wate..

3.32 $ Ex Tax: 3.32 $

Oat meal 0.5 kg.

Oat flour is rich in proteins and minerals. It's a great substitute for regular flour for making do..

1.46 $ Ex Tax: 1.46 $