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Handmade multicolor beads bracelet

A beautiful handmade bracelet, made of pink, blue, white, golden and translucent big and small beads..

16.82 $ Ex Tax: 16.82 $

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Graceful and exquisite handmade macrame bracelet with beads

Braided macrame bracelets, suitable for young and beautiful girls as well as for ladies with a young..

6.73 $ Ex Tax: 6.73 $

Handmade beaded pearls and rhinestone bracelets with roses

A beautiful handmade bracelet made of threaded beads and roses. Available in three colors - light bl..

8.97 $ Ex Tax: 8.97 $

Bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Black Jadeite, Mountain Crystal, Silver 925

Black tourmaline 8mm Black faceted jadeite 4mm Faceted mountain crystal grade AAAAAA 8mm si..

111.02 $ Ex Tax: 111.02 $

Bracelet - Moonstone, Persian jedeite, silver 925

Moonstone 10 mm Persian jedeite 6 mm silver 925 Moonstone is the stone of intuition. Increa..

50.47 $ Ex Tax: 50.47 $

Pearl bracelet from natural black pearls and zircons

Handmade unique bracelet made of cultivated black pearls, unique combination of several sizes and sh..

50.47 $ Ex Tax: 50.47 $

Black Tourmaline Bracelet, Black Jadeite & Silver 925

Bracelet made of high quality black tourmaline 8 mm, rare faceted black jadeite 4 mm, silver 925. ..

98.69 $ Ex Tax: 98.69 $

Red Garnet Bracelet

Garnet is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty, devotion, faith and power. The red garnet excites sexua..

38.13 $ Ex Tax: 38.13 $

Magnetic bracelet VICTORIA BELLS SB 428

Original magnetic bracelets with unrivaled beauty and true health! All Victoria Bells products ar..

63.03 $ Ex Tax: 63.03 $

Bracelet of cyanite, hematite and silver 925

Gentle bracelet made of high quality Kianit - 8 mm, Hematite in the shape of flower and silver 925. ..

128.97 $ Ex Tax: 128.97 $

Bracelet - Herkimer diamond, mountain crystal and silver 925

Herkimer diamond 3-5mm Faceted mountain crystal class AAAAAA silver 925 The diamond Herkime..

162.61 $ Ex Tax: 162.61 $

Bracelet from natural white pearls

Handmade bracelet made of white cultured pearls and zircons. Suitable for weddings, official case..

50.47 $ Ex Tax: 50.47 $

Massive Bracelet made of natural suede and crystals -30%

Massive Bracelet made of natural suede and crystals

Suede is created by sanding the inner surface of the skin, making it soft but also more vulnerable t..

33.64 $ 23.55 $ Ex Tax: 23.55 $

Bracelet - Quantum Quattro, Jadeite, Silver 925

Quantum Quattro 10 mm Jadeite 10 mm silver 925 Quantum quatro strengthens the immune system..

50.47 $ Ex Tax: 50.47 $

Bracelet "Sun trembling"

The bracelet "Sunny trembling" will make you feel magical and you will love the stylish and high qua..

28.04 $ Ex Tax: 28.04 $