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Wind Bell Crystal

Made of wood and metal, ends with a solar crystal at the base The pleasant sound that makes the win..

10.21 $ Ex Tax: 10.21 $

THE BEST - MARIYANA AND TODOR TRAYCHEVI - music album CD with personal autograph

The best songs from the bulgarian duo Mariyana and Todor Traychevi - country and pop singers. Lan..

8.22 $ Ex Tax: 8.22 $

Set of 9 camertons Sacred Solfeggio

Complete set of 9 camertons. They contain the 3 'lost' notes from the 'sacred' frequencies, also..

240.19 $ Ex Tax: 240.19 $

Color crystal Singing bowls-set

Set of colorful crystal-singing bowls-chakras 7 pieces. Made of high quality quartz by prec..

1800.78 $ Ex Tax: 1800.78 $

A singing cup of crystalline quartz, set

Bowls are selected according to the tone of each of the seven chakras. Tuned to 432 Hz Size 30 cm. ..

264.21 $ Ex Tax: 264.21 $

Camerton Enegria 999Hz, charging, vitality

999Hz is designed to enhance vital energy, and the overall energy level of the body. Loaded with en..

34.82 $ Ex Tax: 34.82 $

Solfeggio Tuning fork mi 528Hz, transformation, miracles, DNA treatment

Solfeggio Tuning fork tuned to mi 528Hz. The vibrations that issue stimulate the recovery of DNA and..

34.82 $ Ex Tax: 34.82 $

Tuning fork OM for tuning to the cosmic OM

Tuning fork is set up so that it is in tune with the Cosmic OM. In India this tone is considered to ..

35.43 $ Ex Tax: 35.43 $

Oral harp-Murčunga, Vargan

Oral harp made in Nepal by brass and iron. This is one of the oldest musical instruments. It's spre..

17.42 $ Ex Tax: 17.42 $

Crystal-Singing bowls-set 7 chakras, la at 432 Hz, free Shipping

> >set Crystal singing bowls-chakras 7 pieces. > > >> tuned in > LA at 432 Hz > >made of high ..

1669.29 $ Ex Tax: 1669.29 $

Unique Tibetan cymbals-tingchu, Ting are Dragon

>ritual Tibetan cymbals are musical instrument, which is in meditation, spiritual practices, Tibetan..

24.02 $ Ex Tax: 24.02 $

Shurti Boxing Saraswati, Saraswati 432Hz

Exotic musical instrument with good quality craftsmanship. It offers the possibility of playing w..

477.37 $ Ex Tax: 477.37 $

THINGS WE LOST IN FIRE autobiography part I with personal signature

The story of Todor and Mariana Traychevi (part I) - musicians and poets. Language: Bulgarian ..

5.87 $ Ex Tax: 5.87 $

Unique Tibetan cymbals-tingchu, ting are with 8 symbols of happiness

Ritual Tibetan cymbals are musical instrument, which is in meditation, spiritual practices, Tibe..

24.02 $ Ex Tax: 24.02 $

A Voice from the Rhodope Mountains - Jurij Chadzijev

Bulgarian Folk Songs from the Rhodopes, 2 Thracian, 1 Strandja and 2 from Shopsko,interpreted by the..

7.05 $ Ex Tax: 7.05 $

Unique Tibetan cymbals-tingchu, Ting are

ritual Tibetan cymbals are musical instrument, which is in meditation, spiritual practices, Tibetan ..

24.02 $ Ex Tax: 24.02 $

Set the salt chamber and up to complete body setup

The Cameronian are tuned to the stairs of Pythagoras so that they are in tune with the initial freq..

65.45 $ Ex Tax: 65.45 $

Gong with a hammer. Healing Chao Gong. Dimensions 45 cm.

The race is one of the most famous Chinese traditional percussion instruments. Made of special..

168.13 $ Ex Tax: 168.13 $

Gong with a hammer. Healing Chao Gong. Dimensions 40 cm.

> > Gongut is one of the most famous Chinese traditional percussion instruments. > > >Made of a s..

132.10 $ Ex Tax: 132.10 $

Big singing Bowls

High quality bowls, handmade, clean and lasting sound. These bowls are handmade in Nepal and requir..

144.11 $ Ex Tax: 144.11 $

Bamboofon-Natural phone line

A new way to listen to music from a phone. Without charging, without wires and batteriesThe Babmooka..

25.21 $ Ex Tax: 25.21 $

Extendable stand for Gong STAGG GOS-0828

>Extendable stand for GONG STAGG GOS-0828 suitable for gongs with diameter up to 75 cm.The >consists..

90.07 $ Ex Tax: 90.07 $

Box for the schooner of the Saraswati, Saraswati 432Hz

Pedal-designed slap-box Saraswati. So it can be played with the foot and the hands remain free fo..

111.09 $ Ex Tax: 111.09 $

Set of 9 Tuning forks Sacred Solfeggio Gold

Complete set of 9 aluminum Tuning forks , gilded by the method of anode polarization. contain 3 "..

300.24 $ Ex Tax: 300.24 $

GOD KNOWS ALL ABOUT US - poetry collection with personal signature

The book "God know all abot us" has everything for everyone. From the bottom of my heart, I heard..

5.87 $ Ex Tax: 5.87 $


Discover the world of words and music. Find a selection of books, CDs, musical instruments. Shop for children's colouring books, biography books, encyclopedias, poetry. For music enthusiasts and collectors, we have a variety of musical instruments, some classic, some more alternative and creative. Eastern instruments for meditating can also be found here. Allow the enchanting tuning fork, or the singing bowl to take you to a more relaxed state of mind, sink in the tranquil world of the gong and the flute. Music is life and books are the essence of it.