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Tips to create your online store art in Chopni.com

Posted by lina 14/03/2018 0 Comment(s) Sellers,

Cover Art

Your online shop should look and feel like a respectable place of business and the visuals play an important role. Think of your potential shoppers who in most of the cases decide based on a feeling, need and emotion. It is highly important to make a good first impression in order to catch their attention and compel them to add to cart. This means good branding and high-quality photos. In online businesses, it’s the minor details that matter most, so we encourage you to start with preparing a beautiful cover photo to your shop. In our marketplace the needed dimensions for a cover photo are 1480 x 2 00px and for a beautiful logo art at least 200 x 200px.

Behind every successful product, there is a good cover artwork included. Here, at Chopni.com, we stick to cover art on the welcoming page of every seller in order to give them a chance to appropriate welcome their potential shoppers. We suggest you put an extra effort in preparing a retouched and edited artwork cover for your business which communicates best your products so that the shoppers are well aware of what to expect entering your shopper’s profile.


Logo art

Logo art is an essential part of your online branding. Your logo not only communicates ownership but gives a brief statement of who you are and what your products are about. It is the most important single manifestation of your brand identity in order to make your business memorable and searchable and leaving a mark on your potential customers. You should really invest time in preparing a unique logo for your company. You should take into consideration the golden principles for preparing a good logo - make it simple, yet memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. Poor designs tend to adrift potential shoppers away from the logos that do not have clear business statement in mind.

cover art for your online shop

Product Pictures

Prepare your personal place of business having in mind that beautiful artwork tends to sell more. Make a creative statement of your company and your products via good looking high-quality pictures of your products. In order to prepare a high-quality photo, you should pay particularly extra attention to lighting and backgrounds, and also make sure to take shots from multiple angles and distances. Have in mind never to shoot with the sun directly behind you. It creates boring, flat light on the subject. A good suggestion is to shoot with the light source to the side or behind the subject, so that you are able to shape with the light, creating a more interesting photo. Also, don’t involve too many elements into your image. If you include too many points of interest, your audience will be confused while they should be looking at your product.

Highlighting Products

The best possible way to highlight a product is putting it on a white background. After all, you would like to get all the attention you can for your products. Also, make sure to use the appropriate size of your photos, in order to have better visibility. Cropping photos immediately makes them easier to view on mobile devices. If photos aren't viewable, many shoppers will simply click away and move on to a listing with better photos. Don't let to get pass over because your photos aren't close enough or with no good quality. When it comes to photo editing, you can brighten up the background, play with contrast to show off fabric detail, crop the picture so the product is in the center and it’s done.

Make it Personal

Try to give each and every buyer a unique experience. Shoppers are drawn to personally crafted and personalized images. We еager you to get more creative with your product presentations. This means that on every picture you put on the marketplace you can add a customized wrapping or anything extra that your customers will get along with the purchase, even if it is just a ribbon, personal note or a beautifully crafted package. Each item needs to feel personal, not something that came off a production line order.