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Posted by lina 12/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

What is it like to wear Dor-Dis earrings?


Carrying any jewel which was made by Dor-Dis means knowing that you are special. The fact that someone has worked on the jewelry with his both hands makes it special item to wear and a part of a person himself or herself. Our specialists work with high-quality materials and appreciate the customer for doing everything from themselves and working with great desire and love.


What distinguishes your jewels from these of the other merchants?


Our jewels are a reflection of the creative thinking of Dor-Dis's designers. We strive to create jewelry for every taste - both male and female. We create from the most splendid jewelry to the simplest ones with equal care.


What inspires you in your everyday work?


The first for us are the customers and their joy. It excites us every day to be part of something they would love to wear, where they will travel, etc. It inspires us that we as a team share the same goals and vision. Positivity at work is one very important part of it all!


Can you please share something from your experience.


Our experience show that absolutely every single person and client is different, with his various whims and slight whims. Sometimes we cannot fulfill everyone's expectation or desire, but for us it is imperative that we try.


What is the most important factor in choosing a jewel?


The most important thing when choosing a jewel is to think like the customer. The client should like its color, shape and design. When you see the other person looking in the mirror for a long time, this usually means that the jewel is already his or hers.


Where are Dor-Dis products made?


The products are made in the city of Pazardzhik, in a factory where our experts skillfully select color combinations and materials. As already noted, our items are handmade and everything is done with close attention to every single detail. After that the finished products pass the check for strength and quality. 


What should a modern woman think before buying a jewel?


Contemporary woman well knows the rules for buying a quality product. When she chooses Dor-Dis Jewelry, it means she's already is in the right place, and what she chooses depends on her. An important thing when choosing a jewel is the occasion for which it is bought. Also of importance is the garment with which it is to be combined, the lady's haircut and above all - the jewelery must reflect its character.





What is this in your work that most enthuses you?


Satisfied customers are at the epicenter of everything. When a person falls in love with you, in love with what you do, you are enthusiastic to continue doing what people like. The other thing that motivates our work is the awesome team - a jolly, young, vibrant, willing to work enthusiasts.

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