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Posted by lazarina 10/12/2018 0 Comment(s)

One of the most important things about a person is his health, the only one thing that can surpass it would be the health of his own child. Motivated by this maximum, we from CHOPNI, decided to introduce you to a company that offers you the "New Natural and Efficient Way to Clean the Air in Closed Areas." So get to know AirFree®.


CHOPNI: What distinguishes your products from the rest? What are the specific things the buyer needs to consider before setting his eyes on goods like yours?


AirFree® are new generation air purifiers that use a unique thermodynamic (TSS ™) technology which works without ozone and ions.  It does not emit harmful emissions. AirFree® uses only heat to burn microorganisms in the air.


It does not work with filters made of fibreglass, triclosan glossy paper or materials that can be harmful to those who operate with it or the environment. Replacing these parts usually adds an extra cost to any air purifier. It does not require any additional maintenance.


The AirFree® air cleaner consumption is less than that of a 50W light bulb.


AirFree® Air Purifiers are completely silent and guarantee a relaxed sleep or work in the office.


airfree purifier


Tested and approved in a real work environment by the best ISO 17025 independent laboratories and universities in the world. AirFree® Air Purifiers destroy allergens, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and organic smells, increasing your level of comfort and reducing the risks to your health.


They are recommended for people with respiratory allergies (dust, pollen, pets, mould, etc.), asthma, atopic dermatitis or often with viral infections. It is an important investment for everyone whose priority is excellent health.


CHOPNI: Can you tell us about your company's history?


The history of AirFree® is truly unique and unusual. The technology of the appliance is created thanks to the innovative and creative thinking of a Portuguese businessman. He wanted to find an effective way to help his son to overcome everyday allergic attacks.


After successful tests in microbiological laboratories in Portugal, and especially after the visible results achieved in the child, the idea of producing and distributing the appliance was born. An idea, driven by the strong desire to help more people suffering from this type of illness to give them the chance to enjoy life without allergic and asthmatic attacks.


After slight improvements and refined design in 2004, AirFree® appears on the market. This innovative brand captures the attention of the world markets. Since then, AirFree® has continued to grow, producing a variety of models. At present, 90% of its production is exported directly to 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.


The first presentation of the device in Bulgaria was carried out by the son of the owner of AirFree®, Mr. Daniel Matthias, who is the child who inspired the creation of the device.


CHOPNI: What inspires you in your everyday work?


We find inspiration in everything. We are mostly inspired by our satisfied customers, their smiles, the children's luminous faces when they have already felt the effect of AirFree and feel much better. This makes us move forward - taking care of your health.


CHOPNI: What is the most important thing when choosing an air purifier?


Nowadays, people spend over 90% of their time indoors, whether at work or at home. According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air pollution is 50 times higher than in the open air. Treating contaminated air in enclosed spaces is vital for a healthy lifestyle, especially for people suffering from respiratory allergy, asthma or frequent viral infections.


The main criteria for assessing an air purifier are its cleaning efficiency, noise level, safety in use, energy consumption, additional functions and manufacturer's warranty.


CHOPNI: Would you recommend a product suitable for a child's room?


Each AirFree® air purifier model is suitable for a nursery. Great convenience is the anti-stress lamp model, which has a soothing effect on babies and young children and can also be used as alternative lighting in the room.


CHOPNI: What is the benefit of buying an air-purifier with an anti-stress lamp?


The anti-stress lamp of AirFree Series P and BabyAir light up in a soft blue light that, in addition to a relaxing function, works soothing the people suffering from asthma by reducing asthma attacks.


The AirFree Lotus and AirFree Iris series also feature for Chromotherapy, and the healing power of colours is known from the distant antiquity. It is proven that the colours can heal and help improve the emotional state of a person.


The AirFree Lotus and AirFree Iris anti-stress lamp lights up in 10 different colours, changing with a touch, and you can let AirFree choose the colours at a certain time.

The anti-stress lamp can also be used as a night light in the room.


CHOPNI: How to decide which air purifier model is suitable for a particular room?


The AirFree® air purifier model depends on the area in which it will be used. 


It is advisable to be a bedroom or a nursery as a person generally spends a lot of time in them and being for long periods of time in a room with purified air lets their immune system to get restored thus making them much more resilient when in contact with allergens or viruses.


Once you have determined the model's capacity, it time to decide whether you want the air-purifier to have an anti-stress lamp, and to choose the colour of the model. AirFree offers a wide range of air-purifiers suitable for any home or office.

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