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Tips to create a catching product description

Posted by lina 22/03/2018 0 Comment(s) Sellers,

tips for products descriptions


Product Descriptions that sell


Define your target audience


A good copy is not going to convert just because it sounds good. A well-written copy is one that is aware of its audience. That means you need to have an understanding of who your target audience is before you start with your description. For example if you are an online clothes boutique, picture the women who are going to wear your dresses. What would they like about your clothes, but do not stick to all the details. Just give them a brief, but on the point benefits list that makes your products stand out from the others. What would they need to know to make an informed buying decision? How exactly your product will improve their lives? What will inspire your potential shopper to grab your products instant? How will wearing your products will make them feel?


Structure is important


Make sure to take into account readability and keep the structure of your description clean and well arranged. If your product descriptions are in one huge paragraph, the buyer will feel overwhelmed and would not want to read. The best option it so make important statements in paragraphs. Another useful thing is to add titles to your sections of your descriptions. This will make it easy for customers to get to the  information they need. Use simple, yet informative titles such as: Size, Processing Time, Customization throughout your description. A good structure suggests better visibility and readability of main points and for that you can add bullet points or bold and highlight the text so that important information is easy to spot. Part of readability is also using simple language. That involves using short words, short sentences and stick to the point phrases, giving answer to the customer beforehand.


When it comes to new products, ideally, you want someone to remember your product’s name. If someone can’t remember what your product was called, they’re going to search for it online in vague terms; if those vague terms don’t return a result, they’re probably going to give up. Make sure to write an exceptional intro sentence, matching your most important feature and stating your product`s value upfront.


1. Intro : Give Value

Value beats price, so it's essential to point out in your description the real customer value that your product provides. It is best to be given in one sentence at the beginning in the form of the most precious feature that your product has, whether it will be its authenticity, higher quality of production or customization feature.  Sellers have a tendency to over-focus on price up front. But zeroing in on the concrete value that customers get out of a product is much more important. Make sure point out at the beginning what is the most important feature or quality your shoppers will love about your products? Are they handmade or probably they have an extra customizable options? What value will they provide, e.x. Are they a single purchase option and unique? What are their unique qualities in terms of manufacturing, construction or design? You can heighten the first impression by including in your intro sentence how would it make your shopper feel while wearing or holding your product.


2. Point out the benefits


It is essential that you list all of your features and specs that possess benefits to your customers. Make sure to keep them informative enough but short. Have in mind that customers are often in a hurry and do not have time to read through all the texts, so it will be good if you can :


  • List them with bullet points
  • Bold or highlight the most essential and informative sentences
  • Pay extra attention to the customization options, as shoppers love personalized items
  • Yes, you can use caps as well, but not through all the text
  • Use titles as they will improve readability


3. Share your story with the world


There is nothing more compelling than a personal story. When it comes to telling a story about your products, ask yourself what your potential buyers will be happy to know more about:



Tips on how to create e a catchy story can be found here. 


  • Who are you as the creator behind the product?
  • What has inspired you to create the product?
  • What obstacles did you need to overcome to develop the product?
  • How was the product tested, evaluated and put into production?

4. Close Sentence


The final sentence is basically your call to action button. It is the sentence in which you ask for a sale. Use phrases that will encourage the seller to shop from you. Point out if it is a limited time offer, seasonal product, limited availability or if it is only one product left in stock, so that the shopper will get the feeling it is a bargain. Tailor your closing sentence of your description to how your product fulfills a need for the customer.



Make each description unique


In most cases scenario the sellers do not have time to create different descriptions for their products. This, however is highly important if you would like to sell. Giving different descriptions is a must if you would like to present each of your products and give them additional value.



Do not forget to think of the SEO


The first characters of your listing’s title are the most important. In Chopni.com you have up to 100 characters to use for your title. Our advice is to use as much as possible of them and make the title as much descriptive as possible. It is important to make an appropriate title with keywords, so that you are easily found. Furthermore, choosing the right category will help shoppers find your item in search or when browsing category pages. Choose the category that best matches what you are selling.

In Chopni.com, you have 10 000 characters to fill for each of your items’ description, but the first 100 are absolutely crucial for your SEO success. You will want to include highly targeted keyword phrases at the beginning of each of your listings’ descriptions, but also make sure to make each listing unique.