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Posted by jeny 20/11/2018 0 Comment(s)

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All shops in CHOPNI.COM are very special to us, many of them have handmade products created with lots of love. One of these stores is Health Again, whose creator has focused her attention and creativity on formulating products to improve people's health. So get to know the story of Venera Vasileva.

Chopni: How are your products different from the rest on the market?

Venera Vasileva: Our products are aimed from solving problems related to the gastrointestinal tract, the locomotor system, diabetes, enlarged veins, and hemorrhoids, to the improvement of the immune system. What distinguishes us from others is that we achieve long-lasting effects and quality results by using only organic Bulgarian herbs. Thanks to this, all of our customers are satisfied with the results achieved and enjoy a good health.

Chopni: What motivates you to turn to this kind of enterprise?

Venera Vasileva: All the natural herbal products we make in Health Again are made with lots of love and joy because they help many people to solve serious health problems. Every day we help people return their joy and smiles to their faces. I love my work and I am delighted to see the happiness from the products we create on people's faces.

Ten years ago, I had a serious, life-threatening health problem that enabled me to reach out to professors from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to these acquaintances today together with Professor Petrova we developed a natural herbal ointment "VENIGREEN".

Chopni: And what is VENIGREEN?

Venera Vasileva: This is our most popular product. Even before entering the market, this natural herbal ointment saved the legs of a young man with severe varicose wounds.  One year of drinking the herbal tincture and spreading ointment achieved the result of his wounds completely disappearing, with the whole vascular system restored. Instead of amputation, this person is alive today, with healthy legs and a fully restored work capacity.


health again garden

Chopni: Is this herbal ointment suitable only for this kind of problems?

Venera Vasileva: No, it has a wide application and has helped many people with vascular problems thanks to its exact herbal formula. Besides smelling of lavender and thyme, it has helped save people with very serious decubital and cut wounds. It also managed to save the skin of a girl with a second degree of burns. People with severe psoriasis all over the body with atypical dermatitis and very serious skin problems have also benefited from its use.

So far our product has worked flawlessly and we are endlessly happy when we see it in their eyes, the joy of their regained health. In addition to helping in severe health situations, the natural ointment "VENIGREEN" also helps with stretch marks and cracked skin. Many chiropractors use it for healing massages because it relaxes, unwinds and restores the whole locomotor system.

Chopni: What are the key ingredients in your products?

Venera Vasileva: The natural herbal ointment "VENIGREEN" and our herbal natural tinctures are made of natural herbs such as black elder, Symphytum officinale, mint, black walnut, mint, Agrimonia eupatoria, Astragalus root.

Chopni: What other tinctures do you have?

Venera Vasileva: A naturally-occurring herbal called Boswellia is present in the tincture "Stavisin", which is used to support the locomotor system, there are also hyaluronic acid and collagen. These three ingredients are distributed so as to give the body optimal care for joints, bones, or simply for prophylaxis.

In addition to providing excellent results, natural herbal tinctures provide care for the prevention of many disease states.

The herbal tincture "VENIGREEN", besides solving problems with difficult healing wounds, successfully succeeds in helping to eliminate the problems with a vascular system.

For the autumn-winter season, the natural herbal tincture "Immuno" is a great protection against influenza, viruses and colds. It contains the strongest and most powerful herbs targeted to support the immune system: Astragalus root, black walnut and black elder. This combination provides a person with the peace of mind that even if you catch flu, the disease will pass quickly without any consequences or complications, without antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals. Its recommended use is for the whole family.

Chopni: We understand you also have a product that targets diabetes?

Venera Vasileva: Yes, this is our herbal tincture "Longevity". The product is used by people who have type one,  type two or thyroid problems. Two years ago a man with Type 2 diabetes came to me, who was using insulin and had very large diabetic wounds and was in a severe, damaged condition. Within a few months of using the natural herbal tincture, this person, in addition to closing the wounds on his feet, normalized the level of his blood sugar. Even now, he still keeps taking the herbal tincture and feels very good.

Chopni: What advice can you give to people who have health problems?

Venera Vasileva: Before you go reach out to medicines, trust the herbal products of nature!