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Posted by lina 25/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

ateliani workshop


What distinguishes your products from the rest? Where do you get the ideas for the incredibly feminine patterns you have for ladies? 


I have a degree in Fashion design, but I did not start doing fashion from the beginning. I made clothes for myself that I liked and eventually I had to design clothes for my friends. For, roughly four years, I have been designing clothes, mainly dresses. This was a dream of mine that has always been with me and I was able to realize it at a later state with the help of a friend who believed in me and helped me. I currently have a small team who work with dedication.


What inspires you in your everyday work?


I get my inspiration from  nature, travel, movies, music, but mostly from my loved ones who support and encourage me. Another source for my inspiration are the clients who entrusted me bying my dresses. I'm glad and I feel lucky to have turned my hobby into a work.


Please, share with us something from your experience. How are your products made? Will you tell us more about the process?


The patterns I create are entirely consistent with my style and flair for femininity. The patterns are simple and clear.I plan more on a variety of designs, among which are my favorite flowers. I feel that when you feel good in your clothes, you are confident and more successful. I do not make preliminary sketches and patterns. I simply imagine the next dress . Sometimes I dream about my models and then I design them. It may appear strange but it is just how it works for me.


What is the most important thing  to consider when choosing a dress? 

Most importantly a lady should feel that the dress is "hers". This is easily understandandable from first glance - if the dress makes you dream and bring you positive emotions, mood and self-esteem, that isyour dress. My experience shows that the simpler the patterns the more appealing they are.


What do you think will be fashionable next year?


I do not know. Fashion is highly variable and also very bearable from the past tendencies. I think romantic seals will be fashionable at least few more years. Also lace dresses and those clothes encouraging the feminine shapes and tenderness. In short, everything defining the woman as a gentle and romantic creature will remain fashionable.


What exites you?


I'm enthusiastic about my work, the more work I have, the more enthusiastic I feel.


products ateliani


Three of your products that you would recommend to the ladies?


The three products I boldly recommend and love are: