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How to optimise your products listings at chopni.com and increase your sales exponentially

Posted by lazarina 18/12/2018 0 Comment(s)


Congratulations! You've already made the first big step and created a product you'd like to sell. The next step you've done right was to become one of our sellers and took advantage of the opportunity to sell anywhere in the world.


To do this, however, you'd need to enter your products into our platform. This can be a very easy and convenient process, but if you're having difficulties, we've detailed the basic elements and options for uploading your products and optimising them.


1. Product names

Product names have to be no more than 50-60 characters long including spaces. And your most important keywords should be as close as possible to the beginning.

If you have new products and old ones with Christmas themes, you must include a Christmas keyword in the product title.


For example: If you sell a brooch with a reindeer, your title may look like

Hand Made Christmas Brooch with a happy reindeer (48 characters with spaces)

If you have different brooches and they are with a deer theme, then you must change the adjectives that describe the product.


And if you sell a functional product like winter tires, then bet on adjectives like easy to install, durable, safe, economical, preferential, promotional, etc. Each product has a special keyword theme you could find yourself by searching independently or thinking about it out as a buyer.


Statistics also show that products with holiday keywords are being sold more during Christmas. So it's worthwhile to make at least a few products from your store with a Christmas keyword like "holidays, Christmas, snow, family and so on.

On our platform you have two ways to import products:

  1. By uploading each one individually which is convenient if you only have a few products and want to know how to work with the system.
  2. The other way is if you want to upload many products at once, then you have to state your wish to our team and we will send you a file where you fill in the data for all products including the images. Then send it to us and we will do the rest.


2. Product description


After the product name, another key prerequisite for a successful sale is its description. It is important the key information about what you sell to be within the first 160 characters with spaces.


For example:

You sell accessories for vacuum cleaners specifically you sell the changeable garbage bags for them. Then your first sentence may sound like this:

With our model X trash bag that fits perfectly on Y vacuum cleaner models, you'll be able to do all your chores with ease. (121 characters with spaces)


Then you continue with the product features such as size, durability and everything else that will provide enough information to the potential buyer. The overall size of the description, in order for it to be effective and to be able to sell the product not only briefly informing, is 250 to 500 words, assuming that if the product is of a technological nature, then it may well exceed the allotted 500 words.


If you have 100 different models of garbage bags for 100 different types of vacuum cleaners and then you'd need to create 100 different products for each one, but always try not to repeat the first sentence word for word. Find synonyms and use them for each product separately, however annoying or long that can be. A good description is the main reason why your product shows up in search results to a potential buyer.


Another very important element is the fact that this is also the information we use for our paid advertising campaigns on platforms and when it is missing we can't re-market your product effectively or at all.


Additionally, when writing a product description good advice is to describe how the product will improve the life of the buyer.


For example, if you sell women's dresses, bet on how the woman wearing the dress will feel:

Be unbeatably elegant with this pastel two-colour dress X with clean lines suitable for every type of office atmosphere. (119 characters with spaces)


This description gives you another 40 characters to add the name of the dress or its brand. Also if your products are functioning in a certain way, then describe it and prove what makes it easier for your buyers.


Additional information


Intervals can be counted easily if you place the text in a word document and press down on the left where the number of words is written. Similarly, you can also use Google Doc where there is a function in Tools - number of words.


The text of a product is formatted only on our platform and if you paste formatted text in the description field any further formatting such as text size, bold, colour and other visual effects will be deleted.



If you have your own site, it is important NOT to copy the descriptions of your products and put them on chopni.com. The content of the description should be as original as possible for each site. By choosing this step, you could also potentially harm your site as you create duplicate content.




The third component to be able to successfully sell a product is without a doubt its images. Statistics show that everything can be sold if there are compelling images and descriptions. That is why our advice in this regard is the following:



Shoot with a high-resolution camera with at least 12mp or more. In some cases, your phone may be sufficient, but the quality of the captured image depends on other factors such as the original processing of the camera.



Shoot as close as possible to show the entire product as well as its details.



The most versatile background is white. Everything contrasts nicely with a white background, and then the details of your product are better seen and the buyer's eyes are not distracted by external factors. If you have a decor you can also utilise it, but you must have at least one main photo where the product is alone to avoid misleading the buyer.



We are aware a professional photo lighting may not be included in your budget, so then we propose to shoot the photos close to a strong source of sunlight. Make sure that the results obtained don't have too many shadows and have an equal amount of light on all sides.


In addition:

If it's possible we recommend investing in a photo lightbox if your products are small in size and instead of photo lighting choose bright LED strips that can cover the cube over its surface from the three visible sides of the product (left, top, right). This will give you a soft (diffuse) light that will not create shadows as it comes from several sides. It is important to select diodes that produce white light that does not bend to blue or yellow as this will inevitably colour the product and create a wrong idea of the colours.


cort foto pentru fotografie de produs


This is an element of working with images is of the utmost importance, the lack of focus prevents the product from showing its good qualities. You'd need a full focus to show every detail and to make the product tangible to the customer. Often the details are those that sell a product, service or idea.


Imagine cu focar și fără focar


Camera Tripod:

It's good to have one, but if your budget does not allow such an investment, you can improvise by placing the camera on a fixed surface of a suitable height.


4. Processing of the results


No matter how good your images are, they without a doubt would need editing. The main elements there are cropping the image so the product is centred and the image sizes match the image requirements in our system.


The requirements are:

  • The images need to be square.
  • With measurements of a minimum of 500x500 px
  • and a maximum of 3000x3000 px


Another element of improvement is correcting the contrast level, and removing too much blue or too much yellow by changing tint settings and other standard fixes. Refrain from adding frames, filters, and other effects to the image. Adding your logo to images is acceptable.


Appropriate processing software can be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and some other free applications. You also have the option to make corrections online thanks to platforms such as PIXLR.COM.





Please bear in mind that if you don't provide us with quality pictures of your products then we can't include them in our paid catalogues for sale. It's in your interest to show your product in the best light.


If you have any further questions, you may always contact our team and we will endeavour to provide you with the necessary information and assistance.

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