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Handmade accessories

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Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

66.44 $ Ex Tax: 66.44 $

Yearning, Wedding Carving Wall, Wedding Wood carving, Wooden Love, Handmade wood carving

Yearning, Оriginal wood carving,made by more love and harmony . Looking for the ultimate social a..

66.44 $ Ex Tax: 66.44 $

Pop art portrait for a friend

Welcome to Pop Art portraits! We present you unique technology for painting portrait, by yourself! ..

106.97 $ Ex Tax: 106.97 $

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Wooden engagement ring box

The love box is made of natural wood in the form of a wood stump. With this image, the box brings..

15.76 $ Ex Tax: 15.76 $

Turquoise Bracelet -50%

Turquoise Bracelet

According to the legends, the Crusaders met the mineral in Turkey and therefore called it Turquoise...

38.29 $ 19.14 $ Ex Tax: 19.14 $

Free Shipping

Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

61.93 $ Ex Tax: 61.93 $

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box -15%

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box

The box is made of oak, preserving the integrity of its bark. This way the product radiates a partic..

31.53 $ 26.80 $ Ex Tax: 26.80 $

Wood carving panel - "The flower of life"

Hand crafted wood carving panel - "The flower of life", made of tilia tree material. Dimensions: ..

33.78 $ Ex Tax: 33.78 $

Wooden stand for phone 'wallknute'.

A wooden phone stand, made up of two parts, convenient for desk or table, with the necessary opening..

7.32 $ Ex Tax: 7.32 $

Icon frame and Candlestick -15%

Icon frame and Candlestick

The set contains an icon frame for standard small-sized image (9/13 cm) The outer dimensions of t..

97.97 $ 83.27 $ Ex Tax: 83.27 $

Set of carafe with 6 glasses of whiskey

Hand-enggraved Venetian glass, free of lead impurities. Hunting theme. If you want to personalize..

333.31 $ Ex Tax: 333.31 $

Decorative Floral Colorful Panel

Handmade panel, made of matchsticks with nontraditional shape and floral motifs. Decorated with t..

16.89 $ Ex Tax: 16.89 $

Old silver - Set of two sparkling/white wine tall glasses

Set of two pieces of hand-painted glasses of white wine and champagne in a silver ornamentation.  ..

16.89 $ Ex Tax: 16.89 $

Wooden Frame - Threaded

The frame is made of natural solid wood.Threaded, coloured, ageing, patinized and polished manually ..

76.57 $ Ex Tax: 76.57 $

Traditional Bulgarian Tote Bag - Norhern Region 

The Norhern Folklore Region  These costumes are a blend of colors and materials from the depth of..

20.79 $ Ex Tax: 20.79 $

Hand-engraved crystal vase - Ballet

 Hand-engraved crystal vase ballet.If you want to personalize the set, please fill your prefere..

153.14 $ Ex Tax: 153.14 $

Citrine and bronze set - Necklace bracelet and earrings

Because of its yellow color, citrine is considered a sunny stone. In fatigue and depression, quinine..

114.86 $ Ex Tax: 114.86 $

Free Shipping

Macrame Seashell Bracelet

Braided macrame bracelets  in vintage style, reminiscent of seashells or of angel wings, too. Suitab..

13.51 $ Ex Tax: 13.51 $

Necklace and Bracelet made of glass beads -70%

Necklace and Bracelet made of glass beads

Necklace and Bracelet made of glass beads ..

82.20 $ 24.66 $ Ex Tax: 24.66 $

Free Shipping

Delicacy - a set of two red wine glasses

Hand drawn pair of red wine glasses. * The model can not be repeated 100% because it is handmade ..

16.89 $ Ex Tax: 16.89 $

Caption with birthday figures

Inscription with birthday figures. The figures are made as a plate on which can be spelled short wi..

14.64 $ Ex Tax: 14.64 $

Embroidered gobelin - panel "Tree"

Decorative wall panel with wooden frame, embroidered with Ariadne threads. Dimensions: 22/32 cm. ..

45.04 $ Ex Tax: 45.04 $

Genuine Leather Bracelet "Rose"

This bracelet has unique design, and is cut from the finest natural leather. You'll make everyone..

16.89 $ Ex Tax: 16.89 $

Traditional Bulgarian Tote Bag - Rhodope Mountains region

Cotton Fantasies Bulgarian folk costume, Hand Illustrated organic cotton tote bag. Rhodope Mou..

20.79 $ Ex Tax: 20.79 $

A pair of engraved wine glasses

For Your romantic evenings, beatiful set of wine glasses, made of crystaline glass and engrawed with..

45.04 $ Ex Tax: 45.04 $

Free Shipping