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Handmade accessories

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Unique Decanter and 6 Glasses Set Handmade Drawn Max -10%

Unique Decanter and 6 Glasses Set Handmade Drawn

Unique glass service with 7 parts-decanter and six cups with high foot, decorated entirely by hand w..

166.07 $ 149.47 $ Ex Tax: 149.47 $

Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

65.32 $ Ex Tax: 65.32 $

Set of carafe with 6 glasses of whiskey

Hand-enggraved Venetian glass, free of lead impurities. Hunting theme. If you want to personalize..

327.72 $ Ex Tax: 327.72 $

Yearning, Wedding Carving Wall, Wedding Wood carving, Wooden Love, Handmade wood carving

Yearning, Оriginal wood carving,made by more love and harmony . Looking for the ultimate social a..

65.32 $ Ex Tax: 65.32 $

Wall Candlestick Metal Decor Abstraction, Black

The candlestick is made of iron, powder painted and decorated with patina. It is designed for wall m..

38.75 $ Ex Tax: 38.75 $

Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

60.89 $ Ex Tax: 60.89 $

 Service for white wine from 6 cups hand-decorated Max -10%

Service for white wine from 6 cups hand-decorated

Service for white wine consisting of 6 glasses with floral motifs. Hand-decorated white flowers with..

88.57 $ 79.72 $ Ex Tax: 79.72 $

Embroidered Bulgarka necklace with Shevitza motifs

Embroidered necklaces Bulgarka with motifs of embroideries. Made of white Panama with cotton thre..

5.54 $ Ex Tax: 5.54 $

Red Garnet Bracelet

Garnet is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty, devotion, faith and power. The red garnet excites sexua..

37.64 $ Ex Tax: 37.64 $

Free Shipping
Turquoise Bracelet Max -10%

Turquoise Bracelet

According to the legends, the Crusaders met the mineral in Turkey and therefore called it Turquoise...

37.64 $ 33.88 $ Ex Tax: 33.88 $

Free Shipping

Handmade wedding bouquet of roses in different nuances of burgundy and champagne and beige

Handmade wedding bouquet of roses in different nuances of burgundy and champaign and bejge. These ar..

198.18 $ Ex Tax: 198.18 $

Paner for Fruit and pasta

Like our every product, it is entirely handmade. In the manufacture of the products, the materials u..

24.36 $ Ex Tax: 24.36 $

Delicacy - a set of two red wine glasses

Hand drawn pair of red wine glasses. * The model can not be repeated 100% because it is handmade ..

16.61 $ Ex Tax: 16.61 $

Sundial Metal Decor, Black

Garden sundial made of wrought iron, powder coating. The base with drilled holes allows for fixed fi..

99.64 $ Ex Tax: 99.64 $

Extravagant woodcarved reading lamp Max -15%

Extravagant woodcarved reading lamp

The lamp stand is made using a unique technology that preserves the natural shape of the wood along ..

106.29 $ 90.34 $ Ex Tax: 90.34 $

Pop art portrait for a friend

Welcome to Pop Art portraits! We present you unique technology for painting portrait, by yourself! ..

105.18 $ Ex Tax: 105.18 $

Free Shipping

Leather - Laser Cut Leather - Leather Necklace - Lace Leather - Lace Choker - Black Choker

Sweet and feminine real suede leather choker in black.  The choker has a beautiful clasp on the b..

19.93 $ Ex Tax: 19.93 $

Free Shipping

Black onyx bracelet

Onyx is a strong protective stone. It is thought to protect its owner from sudden death, accidents a..

27.68 $ Ex Tax: 27.68 $

Free Shipping

Hand-engraved crystal vase - Ballet

 Hand-engraved crystal vase ballet.If you want to personalize the set, please fill your prefere..

150.57 $ Ex Tax: 150.57 $

Unique  Set Bottle with 2+1 cups Max -10%

Unique Set Bottle with 2+1 cups

A unique glass set consisting of a bottle of rings at the bottom of the product with two cups of a h..

110.72 $ 99.64 $ Ex Tax: 99.64 $

Matchstick house model

A model of a two-storey house with furniture and a garage. Made of matchsticks, decorated with te..

49.82 $ Ex Tax: 49.82 $

Wooden engagement ring box

The love box is made of natural wood in the form of a wood stump. With this image, the box brings..

15.50 $ Ex Tax: 15.50 $

Set for wine. Hand-Decorated set of 2 Cups and carafe 0.500 ml

Hand-decorated wine set of 3 items. Waterproof, with ornaments made with paste and varnish. The tech..

83.04 $ Ex Tax: 83.04 $

Wooden Keychain with Protective swastika symbol

Besides being a sun symbol, the swastika also performs protective functions in some of its modificat..

4.53 $ Ex Tax: 4.53 $

Knitted Toy Kitten

Crochet children's soft toy kitten. It is made of 100% acrylic with cotton filling...

11.07 $ Ex Tax: 11.07 $