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Dor- Dis Earrings "Magic in Blue"

A confident woman can skillfully show to others that she is comfortable in her skin. Such a woman on..

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Dor- Dis Earrings "Blue Moon"

Earrings with original design, comfortable to wear. Beautiful summer accessory, which can also be a ..

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Dor- Dis Earrings "Ocean twitching"

Our new addition "Ocean Twilight" is inspired by the season. We created beautiful hanging earrings t..

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Star-shaped Multicolor Rhinestone Earrings

Star-shaped Multicolor Rhinestone Stud Earrings Golden color Silicone stud fastening Size: ..

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Earrings "Shevitza"

The Bulgarian embroidery in traditional Bulgarian costumes and costumes is one of our most precious ..

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Leather jewelry set "Kupala"

Kupala Night is a Slavic celebration of ancient pagan origin marking the end of the summer solstice ..

29.54 $ Ex Tax: 29.54 $

Multicolor round ornaments and rhinestone earrings in golden

Beautiful sparkling vintage blue and green round ornaments rhinestone earrings in gold color. Sil..

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Dor- Dis Earrings Gentle touch

Dor-Dis have made a splendid rose earrings for you. The pink rose is a symbol of complete happiness ..

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Dor- Dis Earrings "Desert evening"

Pearls are one of the favorite jewelry of the Eastern peoples. The Japanese have believed for centu..

15.91 $ Ex Tax: 15.91 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Coral rain"

''Coral Rain'' Earrings are made especially for you by beautiful coral elements. Gentle combination ..

13.63 $ Ex Tax: 13.63 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Distorted reality"

Unbelievable beauty and tenderness in the "Distorted Reality" Earrings from the new Dor-Dis collecti..

15.91 $ Ex Tax: 15.91 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Magic in Red"

When we have to emphasize our style or finish our image elegantly, beautifully and elegantly, we can..

18.18 $ Ex Tax: 18.18 $

Dor- Dis Earrings "Royal turquoise"

The Dor -Dis designer has created unique "Royal Turquoise" earrings for you. It is not an accident t..

27.27 $ Ex Tax: 27.27 $

Leather earrings "Dažbog" in green

Daždbog is a Slavic God who gives life to the earth, because he was also the god of the sun (solar h..

10.22 $ Ex Tax: 10.22 $

Earrings Wood and Gold

Materials: wood, gold 23 #, metal Available in its own gift box ..

14.77 $ Ex Tax: 14.77 $