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Bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Black Jadeite, Mountain Crystal, Silver 925

Black tourmaline 8mm Black faceted jadeite 4mm Faceted mountain crystal grade AAAAAA 8mm si..

109.31 $ Ex Tax: 109.31 $

Free Shipping
Turquoise Bracelet Max -10%

Turquoise Bracelet

According to the legends, the Crusaders met the mineral in Turkey and therefore called it Turquoise...

37.54 $ 33.79 $ Ex Tax: 33.79 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet from natural white pearls

Handmade bracelet made of white cultured pearls and zircons. Suitable for weddings, official case..

49.69 $ Ex Tax: 49.69 $

Bracelet with moldavite, diamond tourmaline, silver 925

Moldavite is a stone of grandeur. When you hold Moldavite for the first time, you will feel warmth f..

142.43 $ Ex Tax: 142.43 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet with shungite and amethyst

A combination of amethyst 8 mm and brushed Shungit 8 mm, elastic cord and metal elements.   Amet..

22.08 $ Ex Tax: 22.08 $

Bracelet of Watermelon Tourmaline and silver 925 with gilding 18k

Watermelon Tourmaline - 8mm Solid silver 925 gold plated with one micron golden 18k Length of ..

126.97 $ Ex Tax: 126.97 $

Free Shipping
Cherkimer Diamond, garnet, silver 925 Max -13%

Cherkimer Diamond, garnet, silver 925

Cherkimer Diamond 3-5 mmFassetiran Garnet-4 mmSilver 925..

125.87 $ 109.31 $ Ex Tax: 109.31 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet from Citrine grade AAA and silver 925

Handmade Bracelet from Citrine grade AAA and silver 925. The base is an elastic cord. Citrine is a s..

76.18 $ Ex Tax: 76.18 $

Free Shipping

Grivna 'Tender Sunshine'

Delicate bracelet in pastel colors: Citrine (10mm), Blue Jadenitis, Kuncite, pink adventure, pink Ma..

11.04 $ Ex Tax: 11.04 $

Double bracelet 'Radost'

Double bracelet made with lapis lazuli (8 and 4 mm), Russian amazonite (8 mm), multicolor amazonite ..

14.35 $ Ex Tax: 14.35 $

Bracelet of Neon Apatite and Silver 925

Neon apatite - 4 mm Silver 925 Bracelet Length-20 cm The bracelet can be made by your size ..

158.99 $ Ex Tax: 158.99 $

Free Shipping

Black onyx bracelet

Onyx is a strong protective stone. It is thought to protect its owner from sudden death, accidents a..

27.60 $ Ex Tax: 27.60 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet - Herkimer diamond, mountain crystal and silver 925

Herkimer diamond 3-5mm Faceted mountain crystal class AAAAAA silver 925 The diamond Herkime..

160.10 $ Ex Tax: 160.10 $

Free Shipping

Genuine Leather Bracelet "Rose"

This bracelet has unique design, and is cut from the finest natural leather. You'll make everyone..

16.56 $ Ex Tax: 16.56 $

Black Tourmaline Bracelet, Black Jadeite & Silver 925

Bracelet made of high quality black tourmaline 8 mm, rare faceted black jadeite 4 mm, silver 925. ..

97.16 $ Ex Tax: 97.16 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet - Rough diamonds, Jadenitis, silver 925

Rough diamonds with cubic shape 3-4 mm. Congo origin. Fassetiran jadeite 4 mm Silver 925 ..

176.66 $ Ex Tax: 176.66 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet with Nuit, Jade, Silver 925

Nuummite is a black stone with magnificent glitter in gold, blue and very rarely in red. The stone h..

126.97 $ Ex Tax: 126.97 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet 'Glory'

Bracelet from the tiger eye and a luxurious element with forged zirconium crystals in the color 'ros..

12.15 $ Ex Tax: 12.15 $

Bracelet - Tourmaline quartz, silver 925

Tourmaline quartz 6 mm silver 925 The color range of tourmaline covers more than fifty colors...

49.69 $ Ex Tax: 49.69 $

Free Shipping

Pearl bracelet from natural black pearls and zircons

Handmade unique bracelet made of cultivated black pearls, unique combination of several sizes and sh..

49.69 $ Ex Tax: 49.69 $

Gemstone Bracelet mother of pearl and amerst with Swarovski crystal

Handmade elastic bracelet from semi precious stones natural mother-of-pearl and сmerist with crystal..

15.35 $ Ex Tax: 15.35 $

Handmade multicolor beads bracelet

A beautiful handmade bracelet, made of pink, blue, white, golden and translucent big and small beads..

16.56 $ Ex Tax: 16.56 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet - Nuummite, Larimar, Silver 925

Nuummite is a black stone with magnificent glitter in gold, blue and very rarely in red. The stone h..

143.54 $ Ex Tax: 143.54 $

Free Shipping

Bracelet - Larimar, silver 925

Larimar 8 mm silver 925 Larimar is an extremely rare stone and its reserves are only at one pl..

98.27 $ Ex Tax: 98.27 $

Free Shipping

Precise and delicate lace cuff bracelet

Braided macrame bracelets, reminiscent of frozen flowers. Suitable for young and beautiful girls as ..

13.25 $ Ex Tax: 13.25 $