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Cleaning Detergents

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Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Lilac Purple

This warm violet shade creates a sensual, intense ambience. Make your clothes and fabrics look beaut..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Nut Brown

This warm nut brown creates enchantingly natural accents. Let your imagination soar: make your cloth..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Ivy Green

This dark green complements natural tones as well as more striking colours. Make your clothing and f..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Apple Green

This colour brightens up every day with a fresh, fruity look. Discover your creative side and give y..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Back to Black fabric dye Simplicol 400 g

Do your favourite black jeans fade with every wash? Now you can restore your clothes to an intense b..

6.97 $ Ex Tax: 6.97 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Marine Blue

This classic blue makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Get creative and design your clothing ..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Dolphin Grey

This cool, charming, elegant grey is always a perfect fit. Design your clothing and fabrics in an in..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Machine Limescale Remover Heitmann 3 in 1

It does three things at once HEITMANN Machine Limescale Remover 3 in 1 descales, cleans, and ensures..

2.72 $ Ex Tax: 2.72 $

Back to Blue fabric dye Simplicol 400 g

Do your blue clothes fade each time you wash them? Now you can restore them to an intense blue. Back..

6.97 $ Ex Tax: 6.97 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol expert Poppy Red

This captivating colour glitters like a field of poppies. Let your imagination run riot and design c..

3.78 $ Ex Tax: 3.78 $

Hygiene Spray Heitmann 250 ml

Fast protection and healthy hygiene. Protect yourself and your family from infection through disease..

3.92 $ Ex Tax: 3.92 $

Fabric Dye Simplicol intensive Lavander Purple

Bring fresh colour to your ideas! simplicol Fabric Dye intensive lets you dye fabrics easily and saf..

8.14 $ Ex Tax: 8.14 $

Professional Universal Cleaning Towel

 The product is manufactured in South Korea for Green Master Group Ltd and is certified by the ..

6.69 $ Ex Tax: 6.69 $

Laundry White liquid Heitmann

Ideal for liquid detergents HEITMANN Laundry White liquid makes greyed and yellowed items shine agai..

3.71 $ Ex Tax: 3.71 $

Colour & Dirt Collector Cloths Heitmann 45 pcs

Double protection against discolouration and greying During washing, dissolved particles of colou..

6.56 $ Ex Tax: 6.56 $