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Natural & Bio

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Herbal Tincture Stavixin for problems with the locomotory system

Take advantage now of the promotion of 3 packs of "Staviksin" for problems with the musculoskeletal ..

17.54 $ Ex Tax: 17.54 $

Herbal tincture Health for gastrointestinal tract

Take advantage now of the promotion of 3 packages of "Health" for stomach and intestinal problems, w..

15.66 $ Ex Tax: 15.66 $

3 bottles of Stavixin for healthy bones and joints

Staxin 100% natural product, for joint, waist, neck and back pain IMPROVED FORMULA The food su..

45.52 $ Ex Tax: 45.52 $

100% NATURAL HERBAL OINTMENT VENEGREEN for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, wounds

Ointment Venigreen removes superficial varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids..

16.93 $ Ex Tax: 16.93 $

 Hydrogen water JUG -13%

Hydrogen water JUG

WHY Hydrogen Water JUG??? The πpiema of the rich in hydrogen is the house of the Pepictaltiĸa, whi..

214.12 $ 186.19 $ Ex Tax: 186.19 $

Food supplement Venus Forte 120 g.

VENUS FORTE  е първата българска хранителна добавка, която подпомага оздравителните процеси и регене..

39.75 $ Ex Tax: 39.75 $

Copper ayurvedic scraper for tongue

Made in India Cleaning the language is one of the basic yoga techniques, it is easy to implemen..

4.35 $ Ex Tax: 4.35 $

Herbal tincture Relaxiful for the nervous system

Natural herbal tincture Relaxiful is an herbal product combining the most medicinal Bulgarian herbs...

6.06 $ Ex Tax: 6.06 $

Portable hydrogen water Bottle-500 ml

WHY hydrogen water??? The πpiema of the rich in hydrogen is the house of the Pepictaltiĸa, which i..

89.38 $ Ex Tax: 89.38 $

White wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100 organic essential oil 20 ml.

> white wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium), 100% organic essential oil> Origin Bulgaria, Natura 2000, E..

10.55 $ Ex Tax: 10.55 $

Venigreen Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids Package

The pack for veins and hemorrhoids includes 1 pc. herbal tincture Venigrin / 50ml / and 100% organic..

30.71 $ Ex Tax: 30.71 $

Herb Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) 50, Damian, aphrodisiac

> Damiana, Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is a plant typical of Latin and South America.The > Medicinal p..

3.73 $ Ex Tax: 3.73 $

Herbal Tincture Longevity for the rehabilitation of type 1, 2 diabetes, prediabetes

Take advantage now of the promotion of 3 packs of "Longevity" for the thyroid gland and normalizatio..

13.23 $ Ex Tax: 13.23 $

Aroma Lamp The Flower of life

Massive craftsmanship made of stone. Wonderful aroma lamp, made high quality. The oil reservoir c..

13.66 $ Ex Tax: 13.66 $

 Shampoo with Pomorie lye, clay and seaweed VITALITY 200 ml -18%

Shampoo with Pomorie lye, clay and seaweed VITALITY 200 ml

Active ingredients: Huma, Black Sea Lye, Seaweed Extract Description: Natural product FOR OILY HAI..

6.08 $ 4.96 $ Ex Tax: 4.96 $

3 bottles of "Tincture Health"

Do you want to soothe the stomach and strengthen the gastric and intestinal mucosa? It's time to ..

39.27 $ Ex Tax: 39.27 $

Vitamin E walnut oil

100% NATURAL ORGANIC PRODUCT Description: Nut walnut, composition: Palmitic acid: 6.0 - 8.0% ..

14.44 $ Ex Tax: 14.44 $

Compress with Black Sea lye and Juniper oil

Did you know that... Lye is the final product of salt mining. It is obtained from the rap of Pomor..

1.86 $ Ex Tax: 1.86 $

Natural herbal tincture for the Gout - Podagrile

Natural herbal tincture Podagrile has 11 of the most valuable and strong herbs, thanks to which: ..

16.97 $ Ex Tax: 16.97 $

Tincture Tribulus Terrestris

The product supports Tonus and libido. It has a positive effect on the genitourinary system.   ..

5.90 $ Ex Tax: 5.90 $

Cup Holder The flower of life-a set of 6 pieces

>beautifully crafted cup holders with the symbol of the flower of life.>They are practical for every..

6.20 $ Ex Tax: 6.20 $

Koreavita Mushroom Extract Mesima

The product has a favorable effect on the hormonal balance and the immune system. Helps detoxify the..

27.00 $ Ex Tax: 27.00 $

Herbal Tincture - Immune, to strengthen the immune system

100% natural herbal product to maintain good immunity! How many times a year are you suffering fr..

16.87 $ Ex Tax: 16.87 $

Black Sea lye 450 ml

Black Sea lye 450 ml BLACK SEA LYE- Natural product, without preservatives. With Tabiliz..

2.97 $ Ex Tax: 2.97 $

Toothpaste pus and activated bamboo charcoal

Toothpaste with physiological pH, for daily use. The high content of magnesium, the rich trace-elem..

4.35 $ Ex Tax: 4.35 $