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Waterproof volume mascara

- flexible silicone brush - volume boosting - curl effect - longer lashes without sticking - wat..

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Spirulina Body Scrub

A zesty after-bath skin food, gently exfoliating and rejuvenating for hours to come. Made of a gentl..

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Carrot Eye Cream

This small bottle of Carrot Eye cream goes a long way and helps refresh the skin around the eyes. Sm..

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Rose oil BB hand and body cream, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Oil BB Hand and Body Cream is a luxurious natural rose oil-based moistur..

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After sun spray with rose oil, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana After Sun Spray provides immediate relief from sunburn and sensitivity due to..

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Geranium Night Face Serum

Geranium’s magical power is hidden in its soft and sweet rose aroma! It resonates with nature and em..

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Rose water Fusion, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Water is a 100% natural product infused with real Bulgarian rose petal e..

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Rose oil anti-age face serum, 30ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Oil Anti-Age Face Serum supports the skin’s natural functions while serv..

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Sunscreen spray with rose oil, 200ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Sunscreen Spray is a unique new product for comprehensive sun care, specially..

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Jasmine Face Lotion

A daily face lotion with a delicate Jasmine note that helps regenerate and nourish the skin. Packed ..

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Rose oil and clay nourishing shampoo-mask, 150 ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Oil And Clay Nourishing Shampoo-Mask is an exclusive new product deliver..

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Rose oil BB face cream 30 SPF, 50ml

DESCRIPTION Rich in 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil, Rossana Rose Oil BB Face Cream provides gent..

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Rose oil and clay deep cleansing face mask , 75ml

DESCRIPTION USES: Rossana Rose Oil and Clay Deep Cleansing Face Mask is an intense skin care comp..

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Rose oil lifting eye serum, 15ml

DESCRIPTION Rossana Rose Oil Lifting Eye Serum uses a delicate yet highly potent eye contour care..

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Rose oil hand cream , 75ml

DESCRIPTION Inspired by the latest innovations in intelligent cosmetics, Rossana Rose Oil Hand Cr..

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