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First Aid

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Heat Patch SOS

Heat Patch For pain relief in muscle and joint pain SOS Heat Patches provide pleasant and well toler..

4.15 $ Ex Tax: 4.15 $

Heat wrap SOS

Heat wrap For pain relief during neck and shoulder pain The pleasant heat provided by the SOS Heat W..

4.47 $ Ex Tax: 4.47 $

Equipped First Aid Kit - PVC bag

First aid kit for commercial site ProFi is equipped and marked by modern standards PVC bag for first..

54.49 $ Ex Tax: 54.49 $

Period Pain Patch SOS

Period Pain Patch For pain relief of cramps SOS Period Pain Patches relieve period cramps with their..

6.04 $ Ex Tax: 6.04 $

Outdoor Trek - Equipped First Aid Kit

Outdoor Trek First Aid kit is a large and richly charged medicine cabinet suitable for group or mult..

20.43 $ Ex Tax: 20.43 $

Hand heat patches SOS

Foot warmers Soothing heat for cold days Whether on a walk, at the Christmas market or winter sports..

2.00 $ Ex Tax: 2.00 $

Heat belt SOS

Heat belt For pain relief in back pain The SOS Heat Belt effectively relieves back pain in the lower..

9.86 $ Ex Tax: 9.86 $

Spray for emergency care with herbs

SOS Emergency Direct Action spray with Aloe vera from LR Instantly refreshes, soothes, restores a..

24.97 $ Ex Tax: 24.97 $

Electronic thermometer Medisana FTC -5%

Electronic thermometer Medisana FTC

Correct Body Temperature Measurement: Oral, Rectal and Axillary Certified to EU Medical Devices Dire..

5.68 $ 5.39 $ Ex Tax: 5.39 $

Children's protective face mask

Wash before use Designed for multiple use Adapts to the shape of the face, covers the nose an..

2.27 $ Ex Tax: 2.27 $

 Protective Cotton Reusable masks 100 pcs. -10%

Protective Cotton Reusable masks 100 pcs.

Protective two-layered cotton reusable masks. They are made in two colors white or black. Upon reque..

96.49 $ 86.84 $ Ex Tax: 86.84 $

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Urine Test SOS 2 pcs

Urine Test For the detection of urinary tract infections (e.g. cystitis), kidney disorders and diabe..

4.44 $ Ex Tax: 4.44 $

Children’s Fever Patch SOS

Children’s Fever Patch For cooling relief of fever symptoms SOS Children's Fever Patches ensure rapi..

6.36 $ Ex Tax: 6.36 $

Pregnancy belt

The belt can be used both in pregnancy and after maternity. It gives stability and support. It..

23.24 $ Ex Tax: 23.24 $

Cold Sore Patch SOS

Cold Sore Patch For the discreet promotion of natural wound healing SOS Cold Sore Patches for use on..

5.36 $ Ex Tax: 5.36 $

Automatic blood pressure Monitor - speaking

The digital apparatus is designed for self-measurement of blood pressure. Fully automated process of..

52.24 $ Ex Tax: 52.24 $

Mechanical blood pressure monitor Unimark 'Palm'

A mechanical PALM device is a precision meter for measuring blood pressure. He used the Korotkov met..

19.15 $ Ex Tax: 19.15 $

Compressor Inhaler-'KALINKA'

Compressor inhaler Kalinka for effective therapy of chronic bronchitis and asthma. Suitable for both..

40.64 $ Ex Tax: 40.64 $

 Protective Cotton Reusable masks -52%

Protective Cotton Reusable masks

Protective two-layered cotton reusable masks. They are made in two colors white and black. Upon requ..

2.27 $ 1.09 $ Ex Tax: 1.09 $

Digital apparatus for measuring blood pressure for the biceps

The digital apparatus is designed to measure blood pressure and pulse at home or from healthcare pro..

40.63 $ Ex Tax: 40.63 $


High quality mechanical apparatus for measuring blood pressure. Extremely easy to use with integrate..

16.78 $ Ex Tax: 16.78 $