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Toilet paper Holder Sheep

51cm X 10cm X 33cm • 1.30kg The stand is made of twisted iron, powder coated. Functional and suita..

33.12 $ Ex Tax: 33.12 $

Decorative Mini Room Divider "Snowflake"

The room divider "Snowflake" is made of light wood and wallpaper, comfortable to carry. Suitable for..

77.29 $ Ex Tax: 77.29 $

Towel holder Metal Decor safety needle, black

The stand is handmade made of curved iron, powder coated. It's comfortable. Universal and functional..

28.71 $ Ex Tax: 28.71 $

Toilet paper holder 'Caterpillar'

58cm X 11cm X 17cm • 1.20kg The stand is made of  twisted iron, powder coated. Functional and su..

33.12 $ Ex Tax: 33.12 $

Toilet paper Holder 'Sheep 2'

Sizes:39cm X 11cm X 17cm Weight:1.30kg The stand is made of twisted iron, powder coated. Functio..

34.78 $ Ex Tax: 34.78 $

 Metal Safe Box Max -20%

Metal Safe Box

Metal crate-Safe to store documents, money and valuables. Suitable for offices, homes, restaurants ..

176.66 $ 141.33 $ Ex Tax: 141.33 $

Wine Shelf decor Diagonal

Sizes: 38cm X 11cm X 130cm Weight:  • 4kg Wine shelf 'decor diagonal' is made of wrought iron, ..

41.96 $ Ex Tax: 41.96 $

Room divider "Orchid"

Decorative room divider, double-faced, 170/160 cm, in fresh spring colors. Suitable for beauty salon..

99.37 $ Ex Tax: 99.37 $

Wood Flame Stand

55cm X 21cm X 81cm • 5kg Wood stand made of iron, powder coated. The detachable construction is si..

65.14 $ Ex Tax: 65.14 $

Room divider "Paris" with lights

Room divider "Paris" with lights, 170 / 160cm. The lights are remote controlled, with different l..

110.41 $ Ex Tax: 110.41 $

Hanging stand for wine gondola

• 66cm X 28cm X 56cm • 6.50kg The Hanging stand for wine 'gondola' is made of curved iron and is p..

81.71 $ Ex Tax: 81.71 $

Wine Stand Rainbow

20cm X 25cm X 80cm • 4kg The stand is made of wrought iron, powder coated. The upper part is style..

78.39 $ Ex Tax: 78.39 $

Decorative screen "Paris"

Folding Screen "Paris" two-sided, 170 / 160cm. Suitable for beauty salons and homes.It is also us..

99.37 $ Ex Tax: 99.37 $

Hanger for cups 'Butterflies'

Sizes:40cm X 9cm X 60cm Weight:2kg Cup Hanger 'Butterflies' is handmade of wrought iron, powder ..

38.64 $ Ex Tax: 38.64 $

Wine Shelf Liana

45cm X 10cm X 100cm • 2.90kg Wrought and twisted iron wine shelf. Hand-crafted, powder-coated. Cap..

46.37 $ Ex Tax: 46.37 $

Towel Rack Discrete

20cm X 15cm X 20cm • 1kg The stand is handmade made of twisted iron, powder coated. It is convenie..

17.67 $ Ex Tax: 17.67 $

Horse Cart Wood Holder

Dimensions: 75cm/38cm/30 (d/w/c) A stand for wood made of wrought iron, powder coated. Once the h..

96.06 $ Ex Tax: 96.06 $

Wine Shelf 'Classic'

29cm X 16cm X 116cm • 3.60kg The shelving is made of wrought iron, powder painted and decorated wi..

48.58 $ Ex Tax: 48.58 $

Illuminated room divider "Orchid"

"ORHID" ROOM DIVIDER!!! Decorative room divider, double-faced, 170/160 cm, with lights. Suitable ..

110.41 $ Ex Tax: 110.41 $

Wood stand-frame-black

44cm X 19cm X 99cm • 5kg The stand is made of wrought iron, powder coated. Available in two colors..

78.39 $ Ex Tax: 78.39 $

Wine Shelf Vine

30cm X 10cm X 76cm • 1.80kg The shelving is handmade of Vito iron, richly decorated with ornaments..

41.96 $ Ex Tax: 41.96 $

Wood stand Halo

70cm X 20cm X 70cm • 4kg Wood stand made of iron, powder coated, available in two colors: black an..

86.12 $ Ex Tax: 86.12 $

Wooden Stand 'Arch'

Sizes:50cm X 19cm X 123cm Weight:6kg Wood stand made of iron, powder coated. The detachable co..

92.75 $ Ex Tax: 92.75 $