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French Truffle butter

A golden yellow colour for this sophisticated butter with a strong aromatic bouquet. TIPS FOR..

18.85 $ Ex Tax: 18.85 $

Extra virgin olive oil from One thousand-year-old olive trees

Olives harvested by hand from thousand years of trees. A fruity and unique taste. A divine nectar wo..

34.08 $ Ex Tax: 34.08 $

Tomatoes with basil and pumpkin seeds

With pumpkin oil Like summer, closed in a jar - such is the taste of this paste, which smells of fr..

2.84 $ Ex Tax: 2.84 $

Duck pâté with foie gras (25%)

Traditional French terrine with duck meat and 25% foie gras (duck liver). Super gourmet delic..

12.44 $ Ex Tax: 12.44 $

Petit Calissons Assortment gift box - 270 g

A luxury gift box with a great collection of different fruity calissons from Provence, France Thi..

20.45 $ Ex Tax: 20.45 $

Paris Collector Box with Calissons from Provence

Petits Calissons in a lovely box with the “Eiffel Tower” drawing. GLUTEN FREE ALLERGÈNES - alm..

18.12 $ Ex Tax: 18.12 $

Dried tomatoes in vegetable oil with bouquet of herbs

Traditional pickles and spicy appetizers open the appetite. If there is any inherent Bulgarian tradi..

3.98 $ Ex Tax: 3.98 $

Vinegar with mango pulp - Soleil Collection

"Une touche exotique fortement fruitée et parfumée. La fantaisie dans l’assiette!" A highly fruity ..

11.13 $ Ex Tax: 11.13 $

Chick peas and roasted pepper

The paste is made from organic products in a home-made recipe and with a technology that preserves a..

2.84 $ Ex Tax: 2.84 $

Extra virgin olive oil Green Selection – Italy (Puglia)

Bold and aromatic. We dare you to drizzle it on fatty fish and with meat. TIPS FOR USE Gre..

30.67 $ Ex Tax: 30.67 $

Extra virgin olive oil from Spain - Lully Collection - Organic

A taste of the balmy Andalusia to dazzle Mediterranean dishes. TIPS FOR USE Cold-pressed oil e..

32.95 $ Ex Tax: 32.95 $

Pate Red beets with pickles

Treat yourself to this fresh, spicy and very appetizing red beet paste and pickles. Even people who ..

2.84 $ Ex Tax: 2.84 $

Pheasant terrine with hazelnuts

Spicy and tasty by nature: a nice way to savour game meat. TIPS FOR USE A gourmet terr..

12.44 $ Ex Tax: 12.44 $

Sundried Tomatoes Purée

A concentrate with sundried tomato. TIPS FOR USE This paste of dried tomatoes is appre..

7.33 $ Ex Tax: 7.33 $

Wheat germ pasta with truffle

The lavishness of the truffle for a very simple and yet very sophisticated meal. TIPS FOR USE..

11.30 $ Ex Tax: 11.30 $