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Food Supplements

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Vita Active Daily Vitamin Drink

Vita Active strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM, provides ENERGY to the body and helps its overall wellbei..

25.35 $ Ex Tax: 25.35 $

Cannabissimo/250gr./-Gourmet Coffee with hemp

For the first time in Bulgaria! Gourmet Coffee with Hemp Cannabissimo combines the magic taste of..

22.52 $ Ex Tax: 22.52 $

Drinking gel with honey and Aloe Vera

The original with honey Aloe Vera Drinking Gel "Honey Trap" Original formula with added color ..

37.21 $ Ex Tax: 37.21 $

Clean 9 - Nutritional cleansing program

It all starts with our foundational CLEAN 9 program. Designed to remove stored toxins from your body..

137.04 $ Ex Tax: 137.04 $

Mind master extreme - Guarana caffeine & vitamins

2 IN 1 ENERGY AND PROTECTION A rapid flow of energy Guarana discussing caffeine2 helps to..

36.63 $ Ex Tax: 36.63 $

DOUBLE MAGNESIUM - magnesium citrate and magnesium carbonate

Modern way of life creates numerous health problems: Muscle cramps and pain Palpitations and..

12.13 $ Ex Tax: 12.13 $

Drinking Gel Active Freedom with Aloe Vera

The motion specialist Aloe Vera Active Freedom Drinking Gel Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin C - the s..

42.29 $ Ex Tax: 42.29 $

Geranium tincture-Extract of blood geranium

The product is natural support for the blood-forming organs by stimulating the production of red blo..

5.37 $ Ex Tax: 5.37 $

SEX - Natural Stamina Pill for Man. Natural Testosterone Booster

Little blue pills are synthetic. Sex isn’t. Treat yourself to a marathon because, let’s be honest..

21.40 $ Ex Tax: 21.40 $

SLIM - effective weightloss

100% Organic Ning Hong to flush the bad stuff out of your system.  Imagine all the things you put..

25.28 $ Ex Tax: 25.28 $

F.I.T. 15 - food supplements

Each of the F15 packages contains: Aloe Vera Gel (2 packs x 1 liter) Forever Lite Ultra Shake..

166.72 $ Ex Tax: 166.72 $

CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM - strong bones, nervous system and muscles support.

Calcium and magnesium are two of the essential minerals in human organism. For the proper absorption..

12.71 $ Ex Tax: 12.71 $

Capsules PRO 12 probiotic for your general well-being

Pro 12 contains 1 billion bacteria per capsule and features a double micro-encapsulation, which prot..

48.49 $ Ex Tax: 48.49 $

CURCUMA food supplement - Natural detox and healthy body

They call it the Longevity Spice, we call it CURCUMA. CURCUMA is a food supplement made of bio Cu..

20.82 $ Ex Tax: 20.82 $

Guhul (Guggal), 40 capsules

Code: 3061040   Packaging: 40 Capsules Марка: Deep Ayurveda   For a good lipid balance! ..

14.62 $ Ex Tax: 14.62 $

AquaSource Coloacti3 colostrum, natural vitamins and minerals from natural sources

AquaSource Kolacti3 offers excellent nutritional support to people who lead an active lifestyle, inc..

50.81 $ Ex Tax: 50.81 $

Tincture Saffron

The product supports the immune system and acts positively on the central nervous system and cogniti..

10.45 $ Ex Tax: 10.45 $

Throat Spray Cistus Incanus

The nutritional supplement has an excellent impact on people of all ages. Take care of the optimal f..

24.78 $ Ex Tax: 24.78 $

Woman Phyto Capsules - menopausal support

The combination of the active ingredients calcium and vitamin C offers maximum support during menopa..

33.82 $ Ex Tax: 33.82 $

Pro Balance - Practical Diet for your everyday diet

Pro Balance provides your body with valuable alkaline minerals and trace elements for internal balan..

41.15 $ Ex Tax: 41.15 $

Capsules Cistus Incanus for a strong immune system

LR Cistus Incanus 60 capsules for a strong immune system Adoption: 2 x 1 capsule daily Content: 60..

47.93 $ Ex Tax: 47.93 $

Tincture Tribulus Terrestris

The product supports Tonus and libido. It has a positive effect on the genitourinary system.   ..

5.37 $ Ex Tax: 5.37 $

Magnesium 250 Tablets

Packaging: 250 Tablets Sanct Bernhard   Convenient form of tablets and at a bargain price! San..

16.88 $ Ex Tax: 16.88 $

Rosanax Gastro syrup - 125 ml Max -20%

Rosanax Gastro syrup - 125 ml

Rosanax Gastro syrup is an original combination of Bulgarian Rose Water and plant – based extracts. ..

8.28 $ 6.62 $ Ex Tax: 6.62 $

Colagen plus, 120 tablets

Code: 3046720   Packaging: 120 Tablets Sanct Bernhard   Super Formula – Collagen hydrolys..

12.70 $ Ex Tax: 12.70 $

Food Supplements

Food Supplements