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Anti-wear additive for engine 250 ml.


13.38 $ Ex Tax: 13.38 $

Complex additive 6 in 1 for cleaning of the fan-BAR-1155

Application: Complex additive 6 in 1 for single cleaning of heavily contaminated combustion systems..

12.11 $ Ex Tax: 12.11 $

Additive for diesel B.D.C.-BAR-1200

Purpose: It keeps the nozzles clean, with the finer injection of diesel in the cylinders improves i..

23.78 $ Ex Tax: 23.78 $

Additive fuel economy 50 ml.


3.06 $ Ex Tax: 3.06 $

Transmission Additive-LIM2652

Application: Additive for transmission oil..

8.17 $ Ex Tax: 8.17 $

Cleaning additive for the whole exhaust system-P1180

Application: OXICAT is a new technology that reduces carbon emissions. Specially designed for clean..

12.89 $ Ex Tax: 12.89 $

Additive for diesel Concentrate 1:1000-SCT-9984

Diesel Plus 1:1000 is a complex addition to diesel fuel to improve the performance of diesel engine..

6.69 $ Ex Tax: 6.69 $

Fuel-SCT-9988 enhancement supplement

Special additives increase the citrate number of the fuel and effectively clean the nozzles, combus..

6.22 $ Ex Tax: 6.22 $

Diesel cleaning Additive C-RAIL-2185 250ML

Application: For cleaning of diesel engines common rail. Protects the components of the fuel system..

7.18 $ Ex Tax: 7.18 $

Automatic transmission Cleaning additive-P1701

Purpose: Successfully removes oxidized oil sludge, resins and other impurities from the entire oil ..

11.85 $ Ex Tax: 11.85 $

DPF Filter Cleaner-P6161

Purpose: For the purposes of the ĸojto of the DPF film, the You'il and the vcičĸi of the Caždi and ..

18.81 $ Ex Tax: 18.81 $

DPF Filter Cleaning additive-P6162

Purpose: For the purposes of the ĸojto of the DPF film, the You'il and the vcičĸi of the Caždi and ..

84.67 $ Ex Tax: 84.67 $

Additive for diesel Concentrate-SCT-9983 1L

Purpose: Megatconcentrate WINTER DIESEL 1:1000 is developed in a unique technology and serves to pr..

14.82 $ Ex Tax: 14.82 $

Cleaning EGR Valve-BAR-2314

Application: Removes deposits from resins, carbon deposits and EGR valves. Reduces power losses and..

32.60 $ Ex Tax: 32.60 $

Valve and nozzle cleaning additive for petrol engines-P2233

Purpose: Dobavĸa for the company of the Vcmyĸatelnite ĸlapani and nozzles for the company of the co..

11.42 $ Ex Tax: 11.42 $

Transmission Flushing Additive-LIM2512

Application: Additive for transmission oil..

15.63 $ Ex Tax: 15.63 $

Degreaser for Radiators-BAR-1100

Purpose: Purifying (degreasing) tool for the radiator and the cooling system from motor oil. The de..

10.49 $ Ex Tax: 10.49 $

Engine Wash Additive-MA 20-A38

Application: Additive for transmission oil..

4.34 $ Ex Tax: 4.34 $

Additive for cars with gas system-P1921

Purpose: Dobavĸa for the dam and the E... for the use of the engine for the movement of the vehicle..

12.27 $ Ex Tax: 12.27 $

Additive for protection of valves LPG Valve Lube-P1999

Application: High-performance fuel additive to minimise wear and tear of LPG engine valves and valv..

26.03 $ Ex Tax: 26.03 $

Diesel cleaner for Common rail-BAR-1072

Application: lubricates pump and injectors absorbs water from fuel keeps clean injectors and pump i..

12.48 $ Ex Tax: 12.48 $

Additive for diesel-P1201

Application: Permanently removes impurities from the water and other pollution in the whole fuel sy..

13.33 $ Ex Tax: 13.33 $

Diesel cleaning additive-5154 500ML

Application: Removes deposits in injection pump, injection nozzles and combustion chamber and preve..

13.19 $ Ex Tax: 13.19 $

Super Clean Diesel Additive-P1241

Application: Strong dobavĸa... The same is the same as for the official Typbo ĸomppecop and Filtup ..

13.33 $ Ex Tax: 13.33 $

Formula for cleaning the last generation of diesel injection systems-BAR-5492

Function: Restores power of the car reduces harmful emissions reduces fuel consumption How to use: ..

27.13 $ Ex Tax: 27.13 $