Wood Carvings Art

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St Menas Wood-carved Icon

Wood-carved icon of St. Menas Made of basswood trunk Sizes: 27/23/6cm. Color: walnut ..

231.73 $ Ex Tax: 231.73 $

Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

62.17 $ Ex Tax: 62.17 $

Yearning, Wedding Carving Wall, Wedding Wood carving, Wooden Love, Handmade wood carving

Yearning, Оriginal wood carving,made by more love and harmony . Looking for the ultimate social a..

66.69 $ Ex Tax: 66.69 $

Harmony-2 Linden Wood-Panel

Impression of Harmony.  Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your h..

1469.53 $ Ex Tax: 1469.53 $

Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

66.69 $ Ex Tax: 66.69 $

Woodcarved Work - Kuker Mask

Woodcrafted Kuker mask  Made of basswood ..

73.48 $ Ex Tax: 73.48 $

Sun Wood-carved Panel

Woodcarved panel, representing the Sun. Can be hung on a wall in any room. Match your home interi..

4521.64 $ Ex Tax: 4521.64 $

Game Linden Wood-Panel

Two bear cubs playing, climbing a tree. Very cheerful and well-detailed woodwork. Ideal for decor..

791.29 $ Ex Tax: 791.29 $

Woodwork Old Houses Bulgaria

Old houses Bulgaria Made of basswood Sizes: 52/26/8 cm. Color: walnut ..

452.16 $ Ex Tax: 452.16 $

Mermaid Linden Woodcarving Panel

Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your home interior with your inne..

960.85 $ Ex Tax: 960.85 $

Wood carved Sculpture Bulgaria"

Wood Sculpture "Bulgaria"  Made out of a basswood trunk Size: 29/25 cm Colour: Walnut ..

135.65 $ Ex Tax: 135.65 $

Atom Linden Wood-Panel

A representation of the atom, the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter. Every solid, liquid,..

339.12 $ Ex Tax: 339.12 $

Spring woodcarving mini sculpture

Abstract woodcarved mini sculpture to celebrate the long-awated spring. Match your home interior ..

791.29 $ Ex Tax: 791.29 $

Antique gothic candlestick -15%

Antique gothic candlestick

The candlestick is made of massive hardwood by using unique technology, artificially aged and patina..

44.09 $ 37.47 $ Ex Tax: 37.47 $

Guardian angel-fiery Linden Woodcarving

Abstract woodcarved statuette for decorating any room. Match your home interior with your inner thou..

1073.89 $ Ex Tax: 1073.89 $