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Wood Carvings Art

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Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

60.89 $ Ex Tax: 60.89 $

Woodcarved Work - Kuker Mask

Woodcrafted Kuker mask  Made of basswood ..

71.96 $ Ex Tax: 71.96 $

Yearning, Wedding Carving Wall, Wedding Wood carving, Wooden Love, Handmade wood carving

Yearning, Оriginal wood carving,made by more love and harmony . Looking for the ultimate social a..

65.32 $ Ex Tax: 65.32 $

Harmony-2 Linden Wood-Panel

Impression of Harmony. Abstract woodcarved panel for hanging on a wall in any room. Match your ..

885.72 $ Ex Tax: 885.72 $

Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

65.32 $ Ex Tax: 65.32 $

Guardian Angel -pano Linden Wood-Panel

Linden Wood-PanelIdeal for a final accent of any room. Perfect as a gift for someone special or simp..

885.72 $ Ex Tax: 885.72 $

St. George the Victorious woodcarving

Wood carving - St. George the Victorious, handmade from lime-wood Dimensions: 30/40 cm. Color:..

775.00 $ Ex Tax: 775.00 $

Solid Wood Decorative Candlestick

Made of solid wood with unique technology, the magpie is suitable for decanation of household firepl..

46.50 $ Ex Tax: 46.50 $

Woodcarving - Blooming

Bloom is a decorative art mural.Wood Carving of different types of wood-mahogany, teak wood. ..

2491.09 $ Ex Tax: 2491.09 $

St. George WoodCrafted Icon

St George The Conqueror Patron and guardian of the soldiers and sheperds. Woodwork, carved on ..

2214.30 $ Ex Tax: 2214.30 $

Infinity Linden Woodcarving

Two galaxies in harmony of the contact-colorful wood-fiber-linden. ..

719.65 $ Ex Tax: 719.65 $

Galaxy M81 Linden Wood-Panel

Galaxy Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy aproximately 12 million light years away. Due to its close dist..

1771.44 $ Ex Tax: 1771.44 $

Woodwork Old Houses Bulgaria

Old houses Bulgaria Made of basswood Sizes: 52/26/8 cm. Color: walnut ..

442.86 $ Ex Tax: 442.86 $

Custom made door sign with your own text woodcarved and engraved linden wood plaque

Design your own wall or door plaque. Invite all your guests with a beautiful and original sign. ..

23.25 $ Ex Tax: 23.25 $

Harmony Linden Wood-Panel

Made of linden (Basswood). Finished by wax coating.Ideal for a final accent of any room. Perfect as ..

608.93 $ Ex Tax: 608.93 $

Holy tree (Palo Santo)-Bursera graveolens 30 gr.

30 g +/-1 gram.  Holy tree or Palo Santo was used in the Inca for religious, spiritual and health..

4.53 $ Ex Tax: 4.53 $

Siberian Fox Linden Wood-Panel

The Russian Red Fox (Siberian Fox) is the product of many years of genetic experimenting. It was bre..

221.43 $ Ex Tax: 221.43 $

Wooden Figure of a Cat

Figure Cat from the Dovo. The statue of a cat is one of our favorite items. Because of the positive ..

33.21 $ Ex Tax: 33.21 $

I love you Mom! Linden Wood-Panel

What better way to express the feeling you can only feel towards the woman who gave birth to you and..

830.36 $ Ex Tax: 830.36 $

St. Dimitar - Woodcarved Work

Defender of the Slavs, protecting and helping the tradesmen and the blacksmiths St Dimitar - Woodcar..

155.00 $ Ex Tax: 155.00 $

Mary and Jesus - Handmade Wood Carved Icon

Uniquely crafted, wood carved icon of Mary and Baby Jesus. Carefully crafted in the span of 6 mon..

166.07 $ Ex Tax: 166.07 $

Mini Wooden Frame - Threaded

The frame is made of natural, solid wood. Threaded, stained, slightly aged, patinated and subsequ..

52.00 $ Ex Tax: 52.00 $

I love you Linden Wood-Panel

Beautiful scene with two Eurasian Blue Tits. Reminds of the small gestures that make it all worthwhi..

830.36 $ Ex Tax: 830.36 $

God's Eye-2 Linden Wood-Panel

God's eye, always overlooking us and guiding us in the right direction. Great if you want to ma..

4428.60 $ Ex Tax: 4428.60 $

The soul of the walnut woodcarving statuette

Abstract statuette, representing the "heart of the walnut".Great idea for original gift for that spe..

332.14 $ Ex Tax: 332.14 $