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Bright Autumn - Handmade Wiehler Gobelin

Unique authentic Wiehler handmade gobelin. Made in the 1980's. Complete with frame and glass. Kep..

150.00€ Ex Tax: 150.00€

Tiger's Head Woodwork

Woodcarving, The head of the tiger. Size: 27/22/9 cm Made of basswood Color: Walnut ..

250.00€ Ex Tax: 250.00€

Woodcarved Work - Kuker Mask

Woodcrafted Kuker mask  Made of basswood ..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

Plastic Woodcrafted Bust

Plastic woodwork of a girl's head. Made of basswood. ..

50.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€

Woodwork Old Houses Bulgaria

Old houses Bulgaria Made of basswood Sizes: 52/26/8 cm. Color: walnut ..

400.00€ Ex Tax: 400.00€

Old Houses from Bulgaria Woodcarved

Woodcarved Made of basswood Brown-golden color Height  40 cm. Lenght 20 cm. ..

120.00€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

Wood carved Sculpture Bulgaria"

Wood Sculpture "Bulgaria"  Made out of a basswood trunk Size: 29/25 cm Colour: Walnut ..

120.00€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

Wooden Sculpture - Old Houses Bulgaria

Woodcarving of old houses in Bulgaria Made of basswood trunk Size: 28 by 26 cm. Color: brow..

130.00€ Ex Tax: 130.00€

Art Decor Tree Bark Candle Holder

Art Decor Candle Holder (decoration) Wood, seashells, sea pebbles ..

11.90€ Ex Tax: 11.90€

Bulgarian hand woven kilim rug. Colorful ethno rug.

Unique handmade bulgarian rug woven on a vertical loom. ● Hand woven rug ● Natural item, hand-dy..

245.00€ Ex Tax: 245.00€

Rosetta - wall decoration - brass -25%

Rosetta - wall decoration - brass

This rosette is an interpretation of the little-known Preslav ceramic rosette. Made entirely by h..

80.00€ 60.00€ Ex Tax: 60.00€

Embryo Made of Walnut

Embryo Made of walnut Size: 25,5 x 23 x 4 cm. Color: walnut ..

100.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

Original HANDMADE Wiehler Gobelin Moor Landscape

Authentic and original handmade wiehler gobelin, depicting a peaceful scenery by a the water. A hous..

150.00€ Ex Tax: 150.00€

3D Handmade Diamond Painting Floating Ship

Be unique and give this exquisite diamond painting depictin a floating ship. This picture is a great..

250.00€ Ex Tax: 250.00€

Whirlwind Glass Decor Set

Art Decor Decoupage Set (glass): vase, 2 x candlesticks, bottle, glass Can be used Do no..

26.70€ Ex Tax: 26.70€