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Handmade accessories

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Phoenix wood carving

Phoenix Carving Wall, Phoenix bird Hand made, Wooden Phoenix bird Оriginal wood carving, untradit..

66.98 $ Ex Tax: 66.98 $

Violin gift, Wood carving violin, violin love, Carving Wall Violin

Violin wood carving , Carving Wall ,Hand made violin, the perfect Wedding and Aniversary gift. To..

62.43 $ Ex Tax: 62.43 $

Pop art portrait for a friend

Welcome to Pop Art portraits! We present you unique technology for painting portrait, by yourself! ..

107.84 $ Ex Tax: 107.84 $

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Wooden engagement ring box

The love box is made of natural wood in the form of a wood stump. With this image, the box brings..

15.89 $ Ex Tax: 15.89 $

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box -15%

A ring box with LED light marriage proposal box

The box is made of oak, preserving the integrity of its bark. This way the product radiates a partic..

31.78 $ 27.02 $ Ex Tax: 27.02 $

Silver Illusion - a pair of tall wine glasses

Set of two pieces of hand-painted glasses of white wine and champagne silver ornaments and inlay.  ..

17.03 $ Ex Tax: 17.03 $

Matchstick house model

A model of a two-storey house with furniture and a garage. Made of matchsticks, decorated with te..

51.08 $ Ex Tax: 51.08 $

Wood carving panel - "The flower of life"

Hand crafted wood carving panel - "The flower of life", made of tilia tree material. Dimensions: ..

34.06 $ Ex Tax: 34.06 $

Yearning, Wedding Carving Wall, Wedding Wood carving, Wooden Love, Handmade wood carving

Yearning, Оriginal wood carving,made by more love and harmony . Looking for the ultimate social a..

66.98 $ Ex Tax: 66.98 $

Traditional Bulgarian Tote Bag - PIRIN region

PIRIN folklore region Bulgarian folk costume,Hand Illustrated organic cotton tote bag,Bulgarion f..

20.96 $ Ex Tax: 20.96 $

A fresh breath of the black sea decorated bottle souvenir

"A fresh breath of the Black Sea" is a bottle with rare shells from the Black Sea attached to it. ..

39.73 $ Ex Tax: 39.73 $

Extravagant woodcarved reading lamp -15%

Extravagant woodcarved reading lamp

The lamp stand is made using a unique technology that preserves the natural shape of the wood along ..

108.98 $ 92.63 $ Ex Tax: 92.63 $

Genuine Leather Bracelet "Rose"

This bracelet has unique design, and is cut from the finest natural leather. You'll make everyone..

17.03 $ Ex Tax: 17.03 $

Set of carafe with 6 glasses of whiskey

Hand-enggraved Venetian glass, free of lead impurities. Hunting theme. If you want to personalize..

336.01 $ Ex Tax: 336.01 $

Little sea bottle with shingles and seashells

Малка морска бутилка с камъчета. Той се вписва перфектно на масата за вечеря като декорация. С..

43.14 $ Ex Tax: 43.14 $

Wooden Photo Frame

The frame is hand-made from natural solid wood. Designed for your favorite picture, the picture h..

31.78 $ Ex Tax: 31.78 $

Unique Decanter and 6 Glasses Set Handmade Drawn -20%

Unique Decanter and 6 Glasses Set Handmade Drawn

Unique glass service with 7 parts-decanter and six cups with high foot, decorated entirely by hand w..

170.28 $ 136.22 $ Ex Tax: 136.22 $

Handmade Engraved Beer High Glass - Panda on a Swing

Handmade engraved beer glass panda on a swing Hight class glass. Necessary time to work: 12 hours ..

55.62 $ Ex Tax: 55.62 $

Traditional Bulgarian Tote Bag - SHOPSKI region

Bulgarian folk costume,Hand Illustrated organic cotton tote bag,Bulgarion folklore tote bag, Bulgari..

20.96 $ Ex Tax: 20.96 $

Wooden Frame - Threaded

The frame is made of natural solid wood.Threaded, coloured, ageing, patinized and polished manually ..

77.19 $ Ex Tax: 77.19 $

Decorative embroidered gobelin - panel "Birch"

Decorative wall panel with wooden frame embroidered with Ariadne thread. Dimensions: 22/32 cm. ..

45.41 $ Ex Tax: 45.41 $

Traditional Bulgarian Tote Bag - Norhern Region 

The Norhern Folklore Region  These costumes are a blend of colors and materials from the depth of..

20.96 $ Ex Tax: 20.96 $

Decorative clay pot

Hand made decorative clay pot (without firing), decorated with tempera paints and lacquer. Dimens..

11.35 $ Ex Tax: 11.35 $

Embroidered gobelin - panel "Tree"

Decorative wall panel with wooden frame, embroidered with Ariadne threads. Dimensions: 22/32 cm. ..

45.41 $ Ex Tax: 45.41 $

Macrame Seashell Bracelet

Braided macrame bracelets  in vintage style, reminiscent of seashells or of angel wings, too. Suitab..

13.62 $ Ex Tax: 13.62 $